Why You Should Reach Out to Companies on Twitter in Addition to Anything Else

As I mentioned before, my brand new laptop died a fiery non-eventful death.

Turns out it was a few days past the store return policy, so I had to send it to the manufacturer for repair.

I reached out on Twitter, but after not hearing anything, I called the company on the phone.

I was quoted two weeks for repair time–between return shipping, repair time, and them shipping it back.  Which is almost half the time I owned the laptop in the first place!

I tried hang-up-and-try-again, but got the same quote.

I had no other options, so I went for it.

The Twitter account reached out to me the next day via DM.  I told them my problem was resolved, but asked about the two-week turn around time.

I received a message that my shipping both ways was upgraded to overnight and they’d see about getting my laptop repaired quickly.

I mailed my computer out Wednesday.  It was shipped back to me by Friday.  Wow.

So if you aren’t getting the answer you want via the traditional customer service avenues, it’s worth reaching out to the Twitter account to see if anything different can be done.


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