What I Do When I’m Not Traveling

While travel is definitely one of my hobbies, I’ve learned that my other hobbies can conflict with each other.

I’m also into acting and singing.

Tonight was the second to last night in a show that I’ve been in for two years.  (Holy cow!)

2016-04-22 21.26.36

But onward and upward!

I’ve also done other one-off performances too.  I haven’t really shared them much, but a friend convinced me to.

(It defaults to mobile quality, but if you go to the settings gear, you can switch it to HD).

Anyways, that’s what I do when I’m not traveling!  I always have my sheet music on my iPad, just in case I get the chance to jump on a piano.  (And I’m always up for karaoke!)

What do you do when you aren’t traveling?

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  1. Beer judging, but in fairness, I use that as a bonus reason for travelling. Also, Flyers and Phillies games.

  2. I enjoy your writing. My youngest son is a musician in LA. I enjoyed hearing you sing. I could listen to my son’s music (mostly keys, but others too) all day. You’re fortunate to have so many musicians behind you. I’m the traveler in the family. 7 continents. 105 countries. #SafeTravels to you.

  3. At least two other of your fellow “bloggers” at BoardingArea also have had an acting career on the side.

    Can you guess who they are?

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