Use Care in Selecting Travel Bottles!

GoToobs Bottles allow for easy carrying of liquids on flights but come with a hefty price tag.I’ve been in love with the idea of GoToobs ever since I saw them in a Container Store, but not in love with the price.  GoToobs are completely flexible travel bottles that are leak-proof and have a dial you can set to label what is inside each tube.  They  seem really easy to get conditioner out of.  I’d rather buy the travel sized conditioners and lotions rather than try to get them out of a hard, inflexible tube.

The price?

$22 at the Container Store.


I finally found them for $19.78 on Amazon, or $6.59 each if you do not mind them all being orange.

This still seems a bit pricey to me and I still haven’t been able to justify it to myself.

That’s why I was extremely happy to find a knock-off set of three in CVS for $9.99!  I was excited and added it to the load of items in my arms.  This was one of those shopping trips where I ran in for “one item” and ended up with a ton stuffed in my arms.

I tried to shift the items in my arms and squeezed everything together.  Then I heard it.  *POP!*  What was that?

The cap of one of the bottles zoomed across the aisle.  I immediately had visions of this bottle being filled with shower gel and exploding in my travel bag–splattered all over my iPad and dripping onto my cell phone.   I am SO glad this happened before I purchased it and tried it out.

The lesson of this is don’t skimp on things when your electronics and bag may be at stake!  I’m not sure I am going to break down and buy the GoToobs (though I did stop in the Container Store to ogle them after this) but I will at the very least stick to the travel size versions of products rather than risk cheap bottles!

What works for you when traveling?


Disclosure: Some links will give me affiliate credit.  I will not be offended if you do not use my links :)  Having these affiliate links does not change the advice I give you as I am too strong minded to be swayed otherwise.


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  1. I managed to find GoToobs at Walgreen’s for a good price – might want to check there.

    I have also learned the hard way, do not put anything that has a silicone base in them. I put in some hair product (Hair Silk by Chi) and it ruined my tub 🙁

  2. Thanks for both tips! Sorry to hear about the fate of yours, but I’ll check out Walgreens, I appreciate you letting me know about that!

  3. I’m using travel bottles by Dot&Dot. They look very similar to this.

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