Why US Airways’ Upgrade System is Better (And Why Pizza is Wrong)

Back in October, I decided I was ready to settle down with an airline. I didn’t really care which airline it was overall. I just wanted convenience, great status benefits, and an easy way of getting it. I originally had my eye on American Airlines for status. I flew them a few times already and they have many flights out of Washington-Reagan (DCA). But I began to waver when I saw US Airways Trial Preferred Program. For just $200, I could start with Silver Preferred Status and earn it with just 7,500 miles. I was already planning on flying more than that amount, so I had that in the bag.Pizza in Motion has my explanation as to why the US Airways upgrade process is better than American’s.  I am not arguing that the US Airways product is better.

Check out my reasons why on Ed’s post here.  Afterwards, he’s going to attempt wrote a rebuttal.


Also, if you would like to side with one of us and potentially win a $50 Amazon Gift Card, check out each of these posts to win:

US Airways vs. American Airlines

Domestic Upgrade Showdown


You can feel free to leave your opinion here too, but you can only win the gift cards from commenting on the other posts.


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