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Hotel Fire—Well… THAT Happened

The official hotel for a conference I’m attending for work caught fire early this morning.  Well, caught makes it sound passive.  From all accounts I’ve been hearing, arson is suspected. This particular conference is cursed.  Last year, it was hit by a hurricane and cancelled last minute. With this conference, …

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How to Follow Our Travels

We’ve had a bunch of new readers lately, so I wanted to let everyone know the options to follow us. One of the easiest way to keep track of us is to subscribe to our newsletter–but we are also on Google+, Twitter, and Facebook. Follow @HeelsFirst Enter your Email: Or …

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EasyJet Threatens to Deny Boarding Over Tweet

“Manager from easyjet just said I couldnt board flight because I criticised @easyJet on twitter before boarding the flight….” I follow a bunch of academics on twitter  and I started seeing tweets about EasyJet threatening a PhD Student and Law Lecturer with denied-boarding because of a negative tweet.  I got …

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