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How Would Scottish Independence Affect Travel?

As someone who is currently planning a trip to Scotland, I started wondering how Scottish Independence would affect travel.  Here are some bits of information I came across. From the Daily Mail: 4. Will Scotland be allowed into the EU? No one knows. Alex Salmond points to EU leaders accepting that ...

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Travel Tips to Make Your Trip Easier

Here’s a round-up of travel tips over the last couple of years.  Feel free to bookmark/favorite to use as a reference later! Planning Keeping Track of All Your Loyalty Programs Why You Should Always Join the Hotel Loyalty Program for Where You Are Staying How to get the best deals ...

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Keeping “a breast” of Favorite Posts

One of the fun things about the contest we ran was seeing what people’s favorite posts were.  There was a common theme I noticed among some of them… Here are some of the posts linked to by entrants: How My Breasts Terrified a Farmers’ Market   Can You Smuggle Wine ...

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