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Get *Almost* Global Entry Without Global Entry at Dulles Airport

Don’t have global entry but want an easy passage back into the country? You can do that now when you arrive at Dulles Airport. The MWAA announced they are adding express kiosks for returning passengers, which can reduce wait times by up to 89%. From their press release: “Dulles International wants every …

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Why would you set your passport on fire?

a model airplane and passport

Back when the United States Passports started using the RFID chips, there was a lot of controversy about them.  There was a worry that bad guys could read these chips and steal your information, so the internet started getting filled with the recommendation Situs Judi Slot Terbaik dan Terpercaya No …

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What if I Don’t Have My ID at the Airport?

Lost ID? Airport security will still take you. Lucky posted an amusing anecdote about a girl attempting to use her Situs Judi Slot Online profile as ID when going through airport security. But what do you do if you actually don’t have your ID with you? I had to quickly …

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