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Amazon’s Anti-Trust Settlement = Free Credit in Your Account Now

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Coming up on the tails of Ticketmaster’s free tickets for previous purchases (but executed a lot better), Amazon has automatically deposited gift cards into the accounts of people who were considered interested parties in the settlement of their anti-trust case. This lawsuit was brought by the state attorney general and …

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Agatha Christie and Other Kindle Books Cheap Today

Just a note that three Agatha Christie novels plus others are $1.99 in the Amazon kindle store! She’s one of my favorite way reads. I apologize for the brevity or any formatting issues.  I’m posting this from my cell phone. Thanks to my mom for texting me about this. I …

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Great, Easy Read on the Go

One of my favorite blogs, My Not So Humble Opinion, or [MNSHO] for short, hasn’t been posting for a while. It turns out this is because the author was working on a book. It has nothing to do with travel, but it is light-hearted, funny and, at times, has great …

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Free Cooking and Fitness Books on Amazon

Tiff and I were sending each other some books we found for Kindle that are temporarily free.  I figured I should post them too! Paleo Slow-Cooker Cookbook  — I read through the recipes and its general slow cooker advice and it sounds great.   Gluten-Free Desserts     4-Week Body …

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Kindle DX on Sale Through Tomorrow

Just a quick note that the Kindle DX is discounted down to $169 from $239 through tomorrow. I apologize for the brevity. I’m on an iPad on a plane and my laptop kicked the bucket! (If anyone sees any good deals on laptops…) Also, I cannot figure out urls in …

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Free Bacon Cookbook on Amazon.com

Okay, okay… this is a little bit of a stretch for a travel blog.  But I know a lot of people share my love for bacon.  And I’d definitely travel for good bacon.  (And Keri traveled for Praline Bacon!  And Vegas is the place to go to for bacon.) Today, …

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