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Fighter Jets Escort Diverted Delta Plane

After a confrontation between a passenger and the crew, a Delta flight was not only diverted, but escorted back by F-16 fighter jets. This Los Angeles bound flight left San Antonio, but had to divert to Tuscon.  The passenger was causing trouble earlier in the flight and kept arguing with …

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Flight Turns Back Because It Was Literally Too Hot to Land

The temperatures in Phoenix are breaking records, and I learned something new.  Apparently, once it gets above a certain temperature outside, you cannot guarantee the integrity of the plane upon landing.  So United flight 6186 was turned back due to the 120 degree weather outside. According to ABC13: United flight …

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Mysterious Illness that Grounded Flight Somewhat Explained

I wrote yesterday about a flight that landed after many passengers got ill.  The strange part was that it dropped suddenly when it landed. CNN reports that some passengers were losing consciousness on the flight.  Some passengers reported seeing spots and feeling pressure. According to ABC: Despite the company’s statement, …

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