Mysterious Illness that Grounded Flight Somewhat Explained

I wrote yesterday about a flight that landed after many passengers got ill.  The strange part was that it dropped suddenly when it landed.

CNN reports that some passengers were losing consciousness on the flight.  Some passengers reported seeing spots and feeling pressure.

According to ABC:

Despite the company’s statement, the Federal Aviation Administration said the pilot feared a potential cabin pressure problem and dropped the plane to get breathable air.

That article continues to explain that if there is a slight pressurization or oxygen problem, some people might be more sensitive to it than others–especially people walking around like the nurse who attended to the sick people and the flight attendants themselves.

I’m curious to see what happens, but this story is starting to make a lot more sense.  When everyone was discussing the flight pattern on Twitter, they assumed some sort of pressure or mechanical issue happened and were confused by the official report that the landing happened due to medical emergency.

And a reminder, you’re asked to wear your seat belt because of situations like these!

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