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Why You Should Eat Bacon and Stop Jogging

a pile of bacon on a white background

About a year and a half ago, my doctor discussed some of my autoimmune issues with me and put me on a specific diet to deal with them–one that significantly restricted the amount of carbohydrates (especially sugars) I can consume. I was shocked by that because dinner for me often …

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How Food Restrictions Are Making Me More… Creative

a hand holding a piece of bacon

I wrote about the new food restrictions I’ve been facing.  I’m starting to realize that all it takes is a bit of creativity in some cases. When traveling, I’ve been making modifications to food.  Mostly, I’m getting a lot of salads at places even though I hate salads. It’s easy …

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Free Bacon Cookbook on Amazon.com

Okay, okay… this is a little bit of a stretch for a travel blog.  But I know a lot of people share my love for bacon.  And I’d definitely travel for good bacon.  (And Keri traveled for Praline Bacon!  And Vegas is the place to go to for bacon.) Today, …

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