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This Machine is Basically a Keurig for Cocktails

I’ve seen a lot of products promise to be the “Keurig for cocktails,” but the actual product hasn’t lived up.  I finally found one that I think does.  Unfortunately, this also means there’s a huge wait list for the product. Some very Keurig-like version have involved a pod, and the …

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Ban All Alcohol on Flights?

Recently, there’s been a lot of alcohol-related incidents in flight.  Some resulting in arrests, diversions, etc.  So some travel experts are advocating cutting alcohol out of flight entirely. View from the Wing put that suggestion out there yesterday. To be sure most flights have no issue with alcohol at all. …

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Drinking Behaviors and Thoughts of Travelers

As I overheard two fellow passengers discuss whether or not you can take alcohol through security, I started wondering how much people knew about the alcohol laws in regards to flights in general.  I decided to run a little study on this and created an infographic of the results. I’m just …

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