Lamar Odom Is the Latest Passenger to Cause a Drunken Ruckus

From the same beverage that brought you “Drunk Grandma* on a Plane,” the much anticipated sequel to Samuel L. Jackson’s breakout film, we have “drunk celebrity on a plane”.

Lamar Odom was so drunk on a flight, he had to be removed before the flight even took off.  His downfall was the Los Angeles Delta lounge.  (Lamar Odom was a professional basketball player.  He mostly played for the Clippers Lakers, married a Kardashian, and had a reality show at some point.)

delta lounge bar

From Fox News:

According to TMZ, witnesses saw Odom downing whisky and beer in the Delta lounge ahead of a red eye flight Monday night. Upon boarding the plane, the gossip site reports he rushed out of his first class seat and vomited on the way to the restroom and then again inside the restroom with the door open.

But being taken off the flight once wasn’t enough for Odom.  He attempted to reboard the plane again and was re-removed by the flight crew.

This was clearly a case where the flight attendants did the right thing in regards to a drunk passenger, but he didn’t really give them a choice either once he… uh… had… an accident on the plane.

This was definitely the fault of the Delta lounge server.  He should not have been “downing” whiskey and beer.  A bartender shouldn’t be serving that amount, especially when you know your passengers are about to get on a flight.

I still don’t think this furthers the case that you should ban alcohol in flight.  Again, this made the news because it was newsworthy.  Plus, it happened before the flight took off (something the flight attendants can’t help).

My guess is that the celebrity of Odom outweighed the judgement of the servers at the Delta lounge.  Unfortunately, someone is probably getting fired for this.

*Not to be confused with my grandma.

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  1. He was very lucky to get a second chance at life, but looks like he is blowing it.

    Only a matter of time before he is found dead.

  2. All of LAX bars serve a $17 boiler maker of pint of beer & a shot of whiskey. I downed a set before boarding this weekend and was fine. It is one of highest qpr beverages in LAX and utilized by many cheap-O points chasing, credit card churning frequent travelers.

    That said, how is Lamar Odom still alive after the last bout with death? More importantly, why hasn’t he gone sober?

  3. I don’t think the airlines, airport bars or lounges have thought this through. There is huge liquor liability potential on serving people too much and then allowing them to fly or drive.

    On the other hand Mr. Odom obviously needs to enter rehab. He almost died recently from substance abuse at a brothel. We should pray that he gets help soon.

  4. he played mainly for the lakers, not clippers, then was traded to mavericks. basically marrying a kardashian ruined his career and life.

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