Why I Strongly Recommend Against Signing Up for NatureBox

I was excited when I heard about NatureBox.  I’ve recommended a few different ways of getting healthy food and snacks while busy with lots of travel.  I’m still a huge fan of the Situs Judi Slot Online Terbaru, and am really loving my experience with HelloFresh.

I really wanted Nature Box to turn out well, and I just couldn’t continue with it.

PLEASE NOTE:  This is an old review.  Based on request, I re-reviewed NatureBox.  The new review is here.

Nature Box sends you a selection of healthy snacks each month in full-sized bags.  I saw promises of Baked Plantains, Veggie Chips, and other delicious and healthy snacks.

I was sold!

naturebox shot


When the first box came, things were good.  I wasn’t falling all over myself to talk about how great they are.  But they were okay.

The next month, I got a few bags I didn’t like at all.  When I contacted them, they were helpful and offered to replace them.

The next month, I had a similar situation.  I realized the ones I liked, I didn’t love.  But they were fine.

The following month, I got four bags of fig bars.  This was starting to get crazy.  So I talked to them about it again, and they told me about a great service where I could now select what bags I want.

Score! I went through and selected all the snacks I wished I were getting.

The next month, I received a note that they had been out of stock on a few items…. and received two more bags of fig bars.

grazeNow, I actually enjoy fig bars.  But getting 36 of them in a two month period was just crazy.  I couldn’t tell the site what I didn’t like, and I couldn’t trust the select your own option.  The thing I really like about the Graze box is it adjusts my shipments based on how well I liked previous things.  Nature Box doesn’t allow that at all.

This was the point I decided to cancel.  And then I found out NatureBox only allows cancellations over the phone.  Yes.  Over the phone only.

The first time I called to cancel, I was on hold for a while.  After a little bit, a voice came on and said, “Hello? Hello?”   I started replying — hello, yes, I’m trying to ca—and the voice continued saying, Look’s like you are on hold!  in a Surfer like voice.  I realized the hold music was talking to me.  He continued explaining that I was on hold in an attempt-to-sound-cool-and/or-edgy way, but all it did was annoy me.

When the phone operator picked up, the room was really loud with people yelling to each other and chatting in the background.  The phone agent couldn’t hear me (because of the noise over there) and eventually hung up on me.

I called back.  Went through the Hold-Dude again.  Finally got an agent.  He tried offering to replace my entire box for free, and going through that cancellation process flashed before my eyes.  No thank you.

So tl/dr:  I don’t recommend signing up for NatureBox, nor do I recommend signing up for any other food ordering service that requires you to call to cancel in this day and age.  That means their business model is hoping you get too frustrated with the process to cancel–not hoping you truly enjoy their products.

NOTE: Please read the new review for a more accurate view of this product.

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  1. Thanks for saving my time.

  2. Wow! That sounds so annoying! I love trying out new gourmet/ artisanal foods and was tempted by their Facebook ads but this just doesn’t seem consumer friendly at all.

  3. Not sure why your experience was so terrible. I just signed up today to get 1/2 off my first box. [Took the 5 x 2 because it’s only 5 dollars more for 2x the food.] Anyway… I decided that’s all I wanted, and this was only 20min ago. I called and got a representative on the phone in 30sec. Real nice sounding lady. She asked for my email, name, and then even processed the box for me so that it will go unhindered by my cancellation. And poof, all done within a minute. So you can’t make everyone else judge because you might have had a bad experience.

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      Good to hear you had a good experience!

    • You were lucky then. As I stated, I’ve been doing this for @eight yrs. I think in that amount of time, even before all of the problems with choices, etc, the process was slow and problematic. As you said, just because you had a different experience, you can’t judge theirs. With all of the comments, it seems yours was the exception, not the rule.

  4. I just went through a ridiculously painful cancellation experience with this company. Run away…do not look back.

    To me, the food was not at all remarkable. The orders are not correct – but they do provide a letter telling you how overworked they are.

    There is no cancellation option on the website, and so if you do it by email, they send a flurry of emails discussing how busy their little team is and that is about it.

    They also didn’t cancel when I asked – and charged me again. When brought up, the best I could get was an email from “Captain NomNom” again discussing how I must be incorrect, and sorry about the issue – but we’re charging you.

    Do not order…there is plenty of cardboard available for the snacking elsewhere…

  5. I am going through a similar experience with them. My first box was great. My second box, not so much. I didn’t get what I asked for because they were “out of stock” of the snacks I wanted. The replacements were tasteless – one of them was stale, with an expiration sticker of 3 weeks from the delivery date!

    I have emailed them asking for a refund. I also emailed them to cancel (this is now an option, thankfully) and am hoping they do not give me the run-around. The concept is great, however the delivery is lacking.

  6. Try Love With Food. They are amazing and a great cause.

  7. I don’t understand why you had a problem with getting what you wanted. As long as you provide some back-up items you’re good. If you’re getting 5 different snacks, then choose a few more in slots 6 and on. This way your substituted snacks are of your own choosing. I am canceling my subscription because I think $2 a bag was great for the promo first month ($10 for 5 bags) but $4 a bag isn’t worth it. Hopefully it goes smoother for me than it did for you.

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      When I subscribed, they didn’t have backup items you could select. Now you can just buy items, which I think is much cooler.

  8. I just canceled my subscription, limited variety in canada will try again. I just commenting because I canceled with in 3 min with no fuss at all. I’m guessing as this was a year ago they have updated there service.

  9. You can cancel your subscription easily online now and it’s very easy to select what you want or even mix a couple of selections with a couple surprises.

  10. The membership options are misleading…you can sign up for 3-6 or month to month.
    I signed up for the month to month which is more expensive but I thought it was because when I filled up my ‘pantry’ or wish list, I would THEN get my shipment. BEWARE, if your pantry is empty they will send you a shipment whether you wanted it or not! If this is the case, there is NO difference between the month to month and longer membership options. I cancelled for this reason.

  11. I agree. I admit I loved the jalapeno cashews. But at the same time, I hated the vegetable sunshine chips (too oily!). All the other snacks were okay, but not great.

    The real problem came when I tried to cancel. I just noticed for the second month in a row now, I’m being charged for a box after I tried to cancel my subscription. Their website is not easy to use, and their phone operators are either liars or incompetent.

  12. Yeah I just got my first box and I’m unsubscribing for the same reason the snacks are okay not great and kinda overpriced.

  13. Good food quality, but it is apparently impossible to give Nature Box as a gift without burdening the recipient with the task of remembering to actively cancel the subscription at the right moment to avoid unwanted charges. If you give a gift “card,” the recipient must commit to a perpetual subscription on the recipient’s credit card. I tried to work around this by buying an AmEx gift card, specifically to avoid this problem, but then Nature Box refused to accept the AmEx gift card as payment. Now, a year from now, my sister must remember to actively cancel the one-year subscription, or automatically be charged ANOTHER WHOLE YEAR in advance. Plus, if you cancel a one-year subscription early, they’ll stop sending you snacks, but they won’t send you even a partial refund.

  14. this is a crazy one…
    My daughter lost her card in December 2013, and gets a new one. Three weeks later she starts getting multiple charges for Graze on the NEW card! She has never had an account. Cant log in. And other than a contact form cant talk to anyone about this. Because all she has is the card number.. its not like we are going to type that into the contact form

    Now she has to shut down this new card and get a third!!!

  15. This review is outdated and in my opinion, no longer accurate.

    I have had an AMAZING experience with Naturebox and was actually just searching for review sites to give them a great review after I just received hands down the best customer service experience of my life when dealing with a minor shipping issue with them.

    It makes me sad that this was the first review that came up on Google as this startup company has obviously improved by leaps and bounds since the time this review was written a year ago.

    I love Naturebox and recommend them to everyone I know!

    • Yes, the initial review isn’t exactly new, but I can attest that much of it still applies. I am not impressed with NatureBox and will be cancelling soon. I didn’t forsee the difficulty of the process of cancellation, so thanks to the other reviewers for the heads up.

      Where do I start? Perhaps that the whole “healthy” angle on their offerings is a JOKE? Fruit, nuts and grain-based foods, oh god thank you so much NatureBox, what would I EVER DO WITHOUT YOU?!? Because there isn’t ALREADY an overabundance of fruit, nut & grain-based snacks anywhere money is exchanged! If these snacks are considered “healthy”, then I gather this service is ideal for those who are ignorant of and/or are resistant to alternatives outside of snickers bars, gas station nachos & hostess snack cakes. There is a difference between healthy and more healthful (the latter, which NatureBox is, just means a lesser evil). I do pretty well finding healthy snacks on my own, for much cheaper. Oh, the hardhip and inconvenience of having to different stores I was going to go to anyways, then portion the snacks off in baggies MYSELF *SOB*! Or carrying around FRESH, UNDRIED, UNSWEETENED fruits & vegetables! WHERE are the so-called veggie chips that were advertised that brought me to NatureBox in the first place? Nowhere to be found. To add insult to injury, the only thing on their inventory remotely healthy are their kale chips, which are an “add-on”, meaning an ADDITIONAL COST to your existing subscription. There are a few tasty sounding items, but that alone isn’t worth sticking around for. Nearly everything they offer can be found elsewhere in one form or another, but that does remove the convenience of finding it all in one place. A minor inconvenience to me.

      The whole getting it in the mail element has a novelty to it, albeit a short one. It becomes that much shorter when the very thing you include in your order is out of stock, and you get “mystery” items you don’t want instead, and not even so much as an explanation as to what happened, or even an insincere “sorry, we’re out of what you want!” The right thing to do would be to credit me for the month ahead, or even let me choose again, instead of taking the liberty of filling my order of something THEY’RE wanting to hand off on me. “Mystery” item, give me a freaking break! The worst is trying to give a subscription as a gift, which is what I initially wanted to use this service for, if I liked it, I would go ahead and gift him. No, and no. The customer service people are not solution oriented, in fact they seem downright ditzy, addressing problems with “So sooo sorry you’re having trouble! Have a super-nice day!” And signing off their communications with what snack they’re eating. Who GIVES A F**%??!? The greater gift I can give would be to spare him this less than ideal experience, only to top it off with the hassle of cancellation… That is, if they even cancel it, instead of additional recurring charges! What bullpoop! Stuff that in your bag and snack it!

      No, I am NOT an affiliate in any way, shape or form of the alternative I am about to suggest, I get NO commission of any kind (but I SHOULD, dammit!) when I tell you that this IMO is a far superior alternative to *cough-cough*NATURE box. It’s really worth a look & right now it’s 10$. It’s NOT a recurring cost, plus it does more for the whole “if you teach a man to fish…I mean snack” idiom: http://thesuperhumanlife.com/fit/fat-burning-snacks-2/


  16. I would say this may not be for everyone, but I love my Naturebox subscription. They keep adding more and more non-GMO options, and I find their selection much more interesting than that at my local Whole Foods/Earthfare. I know not everything is organic, but I feel they will keep moving in this direction as they grow. It is fun to get a box and the price is reasonable. I have never had any issues with service, stale snacks, or not getting what I selected.

  17. I have had a terrible experience with NatureBox. I signed up for a 3 month subscription for my daughter who is away at school. I didn’t realize until many months later that I was still being charged long after the three months were up. Partly my fault for not looking at my credit card statements more closely. I contacted NatureBox for a refund and was told No- no refund but they would cancel my subscription (which ran out months ago) and I would not be charged again. Ok- at least I am done with them and then Lo and behold I was going though my charge statement for this past month- and what do you know. Another charge from NatureBox. I contacted them immediately and demanded a refund explaining that I have an email from over a month ago stating that I would not be charged again- and the reply “we cannot refund but we will cancel your subscription and you will not be charged again” – Wow- I heard that before. I just got finished filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. I think my next step is to go through my credit card company and file a complaint. I cannot get them to stop charging my card. Just be on the lookout if you cancel and make sure you check your CC statements for a few months following.

  18. Nature box is a horrible company and scam. They are misleading with their subscription with automatic charges…plus it’s impossible to cancel!! Naturebox sucks save your money.

  19. I have been subscribed to Nature Box for several months now. I’m fairly happy with the service and the snacks that they provide. They’re delicious, and more or less the same price as “healthier” snacks that I find in specialty food stores.

    I like that they add new snacks that I know I probably never would’ve tried/found on my own as I do not visit specialty food stores often, if at all, as they are nowhere near where I live or work.

    I have yet to encounter any major hiccups with them not having stock of what I want. I make sure my pantry has at least 10-15 items in it that I like in case they don’t have what I want.

    One major downfall is cancellation of a subscription type. If you have a basic sub and want to cancel, it is done easily through your account. BUT, if you have a pre-paid subscription (as mentioned above) for 3 months, or longer, you have to call to cancel. This seems so bizarre to me. Regardless, I called to go back to a month-to-month service, and to cancel my pre-paid 3 month service. Said everything was good. It wasn’t, nothing was cancelled. I called again to cancel. It was finally fixed. I submitted my complaint, hoping something will be done regarding it but am not holding my breath.

    Otherwise, shipping is impressively quick (since I do live in Canada, so customs, border-crossing, etc…) and shipping costs are low for the courier service.

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      I’m in the process of re-reviewing this since I’ve heard things have been better than what I’ve said–but it’s good to know about the three-month still needing to do phone cancellation.

      Loving the salted caramel macadamia nut things they have.

  20. I too have found Naturebox to have woefully inadequate customer service. The inability to cancel a subscription without waiting on hold is clearly designed as a barrier to exit.

    I have been receiving their service for a full year and some of the food is great, but a lot of it is not. I have been patiently waiting for the ability to flag an item as “do not send”. I do not want to fill my pantry every month. I want to receive random items with the ability to exclude those that do not please my palette. This is why I will spend part of my afternoon waiting on hold to perform an action that should be accomplished in a fraction of the time from the account management page.

  21. that guy singh

    i wish i had read this a month ago.

    these guys are a huge PITA.

    Do NOT sign up.

  22. I was curious about nature box until i looked at the items and their ingredients. Everyone seems to be advertising them as a HEALTHY Snack shop that sends you snacks to help you stay on track with nutrition on the go… By the looks of it most of their items are simply gourmet junk foods.
    Sugar, Soy bean Oil, Vegetable aka Palm Oil, Dextrose etc… Those are not the ingredients of true health oriented snacks….

    My interest is gone…. but was curious to see if any one else noticed their nutritional labels.

  23. I really wish I could report a good customer experience with NatureBox. Unfortunately when I signed up, I never received my $1 trial box, but they had already debited my account twice in one month for 2 separate orders. When I contacted the customer service department via email, because I had a ridiculously long hold time via phone, they told me they couldn’t refund me for the 2 orders because they had already shipped, but were more than willing to cancel the $1 trial order. Seriously??? The whole point of the trail offer was for me to try the items first and see if I liked them before continuing a subscription right??? Then I asked where were the two orders because the funds had come out of my account over a month ago and I hadn’t received anything yet. To which the response was well it shipped a few days ago. (*FedEx usually takes 2 days max, but whatever) So I get my snacks a week later, both orders all in one box, and the shipping label said OVERNIGHT PRIORITY – this tells me that even after our conversation my order was overnight-ed a full week later. If the orders hadn’t truly shipped, why couldn’t I get the refund and order cancellation like I originally requested? I contacted them via email and asked this very question. The response: “They were sorry that I had to wait so long for their delicious snacks” okay and????
    So I told them I felt for the inconvenience and being forced to pay for items that I didn’t even want anymore, that I was due some type of compensation, so they offered to cancel my subscription ($32 later? Gee thanks) okay and??? I had to say to the rep “How about a credit, a free box or something of that nature”? They put a $5 credit on my account.
    Ok, but the account has now been cancelled, how does that help me at all? Whatever dude, I am glad to be done with your company. I will probably never use the very generous $5 credit anyway (*sarcasm)

    A couple weeks ago, I was cleaning out my email and ran across the conversation with the representative, and decided to log into see what I could get with my $5 credit. Unaware that logging in automatically (yes automatically, as in no prompts to update your shipping or billing information or anything of the sort)reactivates your subscription and random unexpected and unsolicited snacks will start being shipped again. Looking at my bill one day I came across two separate charges from NatureBox for $9.95 each. WHAT??!!!????? are you all f’ing kidding me???? Back on the phone with them I was told the order couldn’t be cancelled because it had already shipped. But, this charge to my account wasn’t authorized. “If I cancelled my subscription almost a full year ago, why on earth is my credit card information still being stored in your database”.
    They said “they hate to see me go, and have cancelled my subscription”. I am still awaiting the reply, as to whether they will remove my credit card and personal information from their database. I haven’t tried logging in to the site to see if it was actually cancelled, as I am afraid that next, I will get charged for the $75 box full of whack snacks if I even dared.

    While all of the snacks weren’t terrible, most weren’t really a hit with me either. There were at least 2 or 3 that I enjoyed, however the nonchalance when it came to my money being STOLEN from me and unwillingness to refund me, is more than enough reason for me to say DO NOT EVER ORDER FROM THESE PEOPLE! Do yourself a favor and visit your local health food store, or the health food section of your local grocer.

  24. So I have been with NatureBox for 3 months now. The first two months was fine. Their snacks are interesting, and good number of them are tasty. However, in general, their snacks can’t really qualify as “healthy”. Most of them are really just carbohydrates and not much else. Another issue I had recently was quality control. I was eating a bag of Salted Caramel Pretzel Pops, and bit into one that is hard as a rock and can’t break with my teeth. It literally made me wonder if it was just a rock, it was that hard. I took a picture and e-mailed NatureBox regarding this issue. Like what they always did, they just offer you a free bag of snack, which in reality, very very little. If this happened to someone else, he or she might break a tooth while biting it, and all NatureBox did was just offer another bag of snack? So I am no longer interested in this company and their services.

  25. I have not received any of the items I have ordered so I’m not going to pay for it

  26. I recently had a subscription with Naturebox so I’d like to add my feedback on the company since it is more recent.

    The company was great. Everything I put in my pantry came as requested. The snacks were delicious and very addictive. The only reason I decided to cancel my subscription was due to the US/Canadian exchange rate… the snacks were a bit too pricey for what I was receiving. I was unable to cancel online which was a little bit annoying, but that could have been my computer. I called and the process was very quick and painless. I got an automated machine that asked me if I wanted to cancel and was put through right away to an operator who was very friendly, clean and concise and cancelled for me immediately.

    If I have a little extra money in the future, I will definitely be signing back up as it pains me to not receive their goods anymore!

    I loved Nature Box!!

  27. no this is so untrue

  28. so not true nature box is great

  29. I am about to receive my third box of Nature Box. I LOVE it!! Everything has been great.. I try to get things that I have not seen in my grocery store. Things that seem interesting. I was looking for something “semi” healthy. And something I didn’t have to go hunt through the store for. I am a single mom with five kids and so when I go to the grocery store it is quick and mainly with them in mind. This is the one thing I do for me! 🙂 I have loved the products but it makes me nervous to see some of these reviews. I will continue my subscription though. The Asiago Cheddar Crisps and Cocoa Animal Crackers are worth it!! 🙂

  30. NatureBox has changed now. It’s very easy to cancel your subscription through their website now. Plus, they do refunds…and fast.

  31. Been a NatureBox customer for many months. I’m in love with their coconut cashews and salted caramel pretzel pops. I have the knowledge of a dietitian when it comes to what’s actually healthy to eat and I’ve never deluded myself into thinking this stuff is healthy. It’s pretty much candy. But it’s really damn good, if overpriced. Never had a problem with hidden or random charges and they’ve only ever been out of one item, can’t even remember what they replaced it with. In fact, I added my new credit card to their site about an hour ago because I haven’t had a box in a month and I really miss it. There’s a link for me to cancel it on my account profile, but I have no interest in that at the moment. If and when the automatic boxes get annoying, I’ll see if t works. Never had an experience with costumer service other than a friendly conversation on twitter about my signing up. Just my two cents and change, because if I’d read this post and subsequent comments before I’d heard of NatureBox, I’d NEVER have signed up. Not a chance in hell Your mileage may vary, but I’ve had a glowingly positive experience with this company and recommend it to my friends and family. Sorry yours sucked in 2014, OP. They must have really improved. Glad I wasn’t subscribed back then.

  32. Just came across this as I was having trouble canceling with naturebox.. and google led me here. Just want to add that they don’t process refunds if you don’t receive a package and I had to contest with my credit card company..

    Also, Jeanne Marie! We went to HS together 🙂 Love the blogging! Awesome! Small world!

  33. Experian requires you to call in to cancel. They are a credit reporting agency. Between 1-2 months after subscribing to experian my credit score went up 150 points. Talk about corruption.

  34. I am going through this with them right now! I subscribed to the 3 month plan and have tried to cancel twice but apparently there is only a short window in which to cancel. Once you are charged for the next three months you cannot cancel until all orders in that subscription have shipped (i.e. for 3 months). The first time I tried to cancel I was on hold for almost a half an hour (the day after I received notification that my subscription would be renewing on X date) only to find out they had already renewed the subscription and I had to wait to cancel. I recently tried to cancel online and was told I had to call in early April to cancel. I’m going to call the day I receive notice of my shipment of my last box and I am NOT getting off the phone until it’s canceled.

  35. Hey everyone!!

    If you have an office in need of some super delicious healthy snacks, I’d love to share a bit more about how Snack Nation can provide you with an amazing variety of the best, most innovative emerging brands in the world!! Please feel free to email me at Tiffanya@snacknation.com and I’d be happy to fill you in on the details!

    Best Wishes!!


  36. UGH!! I’ve been trying to cancel this all day! I just got bored with the snacks. They were good 6 months ago, but dang. My daughter ‘paused’ the account for me about 35 days ago. Guess what?

    Pause does not mean pause!

    I’ve still gotten my boxes, still automatically got charged for them, & my account status STILL. SAYS. PAUSED!!
    Now I’m trying to cancel. There’s supposed to be a chat box on the page, but there isn’t. I logged off my mac and onto my tablet, still no chat box. So, I broke down and tried to call, got a short message which played once then hung up…no options. This is going on my ‘never again’ list with Comcast.

  37. Hi everyone
    Just wanted to let you know that I signed up for 10 bags (for $23!!) that were shipped to me yesterday (Canada) and as soon as they were shipped, I cancelled my subscription using the chat box. It literally took 2 minutes so for me, their customer service has been stellar so far. Only one charge on my CC – let’s see if any others magically pop up next month but for now I am a happy camper who is excited to try these snacks out!

  38. I also signed up for Naturebox several years ago. At first it was terrific but every month there was always a problem: a pantry favorite was out of stock; a substitute snack was not what I wanted. Or I ended up with a lot of the figgy bars, which I did like, but not enough to go through 4 bags per month. I felt that the selection offered was very limited because of availability.

    Customer service at that time left a lot to be desired; but recently after seeing an ad, I checked out the new site. It seems well-done and allowing patrons to establish a 10 item pantry of staples is a great idea. It also appears that they have shortened their menu and the offerings do look delicious.

    One thing I did like was their dried berry blends. I am thinking of giving them another chance. I called to speak to them and the customer service level has greatly improved too. So I’m considering it.

  39. NATURE BOX ARE SCAMMERS. If you pause your subscription, they are supposed to tell you 5 days prior to your account being charged when the pause ends (so they say). They LIED and said they sent me an email, but they did not. Conveniently, I get every promotional email they sent to my inbox, but this one may have went to spam? No. I checked spam, trash and inbox – nothing. I was only made aware when I saw the credit card charge. The customer services was extremely unfriendly, and unhelpful, and did NOT provide proof that they sent the email. HIGHLY RECOMMEND AGAINST. Their snacks are not even healthy. Disgusting customer services.

  40. Don’t buy from nature box. The “one-time” box that you order will have a follow up charge next month, they will not notify you about this unknown purchase via email, mail, or phone. Even if you catch them before they even ship out because you notice you’re missing money from your bank account, you will not have the option to cancel the order and receive a refund. They will tell you to dispute it with the bank. You cannot cancel this subscription either, you have to go through customer service… What a pain in the ass. Its not worth it.

  41. Nightmare -thought I was ordering some samples,and like every other negative review here,got the run-around.

    A company that operates this way does not have integrity.. who knows what they put in their products.

  42. I really like what I have gotten from them. Right now if you refer someone they receive $20 in free product, if you order $25 you get free shipping. I’ve tried a few subscription boxes and I think this one is by far, the best. It says you can cancel the $5 membership fee through email but I think I will keep this one. Use my link if you want to get the $20 free… http://fbuy.me/eIdwn

  43. My experience was a nightmare. I was given the $20 free referral by a friend and decided to try it. After almost two weeks of not getting a shipping email I contacted then to see if this was normal. It was a few days before I got a reply and I was told it was shipped and that the problem was with FedEx and the bad weather but if I provide my address again they would send out a replacement which I was ok with. Then a few days after that I get another email informing me that some of the things I ordered were no longer in stock and that I would need to choose replacements. I go to my account because I’m starting to get frustrated and I plan to cancel my membership. I find with my order information the tracking number that was never emailed to me. It shows that all they did was create the label but never actually shipped my order so they lied and sold me out of stock items. At this point I’m pissed. I used the live chat and requested a refund and my membership be cancelled immediately. The person still tried to insist that my order not being shipped was just because of bad weather but by now it’s weeks after I placed it. I’ll never buy from them again and I was very disappointed since my friends all seemed to really enjoy the food but it’s not worth the hassle of not knowing if I’ll get what I paid for.

  44. Avoid naturebox. They are a dishonest company with poor business ethics and terrible customer support. I had a terrible experience with their company and would not recommend anyone to bother trying even a half price sample box. There are many better companies to give your hard earned money to than these folks. Snacks were mediocre at best

  45. Agree with the negative reviews, terrible service. My first box I was missing part of my order. they gave me store credit but did not even offer to re-send the crisps. i cancelled and asked for a refund instead of store credit; I can tell this happens a lot based on the above reviews. terrible customer service.

  46. Remember the shady bs from the old 80’s/90’s “Columbia House” cd “subscription service”?
    My experience of nature box was pretty much like that, but with food.

    With Columbia House, they advertise getting a given number of cd’s for an insane low price, and the selections they offer are all the most in demands stuff. I remember going through this process as a kid. Then, when the cd’s arrived, out of the 10 I got, I was lucky to get even one that was what I actually asked for…there was a letter included saying basically “hey sorry, the following selections you ordered were out of stock”. So they had to fill the box with something to justify taking my money. “But” they went on “we got some substitutes that we know you’ll love!” Which I did not. Same exact bs with nature box. “And if you don’t love them, just send them back and we will credit you…”. That only works if they honor their own guarantee, which they did not. I just sent them back their own inventory to restock, shipped back on my dime, and they still kept my money. And with nature box, the initial angle was to be a “healthy alternative” to snacking. The very name “nature box” implies healthy. The only offering even remotely nutritious were their veggie chips, which they promptly discontinued. So now their fatty, salty carbs and sugar is somehow supposed to be seen as healthier as storebought fatty, salty carbs and sugar. Sure, Jan

    Add to this the aggravation of continually not getting my own selections, having to go through the same goddamn rigmarole about being stuck with substitutes I did not like or want, so what if they’re popular with other customers? And that’s if I even got a non automailer response back! I had to quit, it was on the level of AOL-cancelling difficult. I will say that cancelling nature box was not as difficult as Columbia House, of whom I just allowed the account to lapse as they were not honoring my cancellations and kept on billing me so that they can keep schlepping over a bunch of crap I didn’t want.

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