Barkbox review: Is a Subscription Box for Puppies Worth it?

Barkbox Reviews

Since I’ve been so into subscription boxes myself, I decided to subscribe to Barkbox for my new puppy.  As I get boxes in, I’ll be reviewing the service (with Moxie’s help!)

My overall impression is that Barkbox is great because Moxie loves it, but I probably wouldn’t subscribe to it every month–I’d order it every few months.

barkbox reviews is barkbox worth it

Barkbox is $20-$29, depending on whether you commit for a year or a month at a time.  You can also pay an extra $9 to get a premium chew toy added.  (For some reason, even though I only did one month at first, it was $20).

When you sign up, you can select how big your dog is.

barkbox reviews dog size


What you can’t do is select a “Puppy Barkbox” or a “Full-size Barkbox.”  I could see this affecting the Barkbox treats.  Since Moxie is under 6-months, I’ve held off on giving her any of the Barkbox treats since I’m not sure if they are appropriate for her.

I chose small & cute, since Moxie is barely 6 pounds soaking wet.

So, what is in a Barkbox?

bark box reviews whats in a bark box

The second I opened the box, Moxie ran over to see what’s inside.  I’m pretty sure that’s because she could smell the treats once I opened it.

barkbox reviews bark box treats

The second I opened it, she went for one of the chew toys.  It came with Good Dog dog treats too.

barkbox reviews bark box shop

barkbox reviews dog chews

It appeared to be a hippie-themed box.  While Moxie initially loved the guitar, she got very attached to the hippie.

You see what I mean.

There were a few other snacks–a duck one with pomegranate.


And a pig ear chew.


The premium toy that I paid $9 extra for ended up being a squeaky school bus.  It is a little big for tiny Moxie to carry around, but she loves pouncing on it to make it squeak.

barkbox reviews

Now here’s the thing with the box.  It obviously had a theme, but there was nothing in the box talking about the theme.  While I know the box is for the dog, it would be nice to have a card describing why they paired all those items together (and maybe describing what makes it a good item for your puppers).  I also had no idea which toy was the premium toy was until I researched it online.

What I liked about the Barkbox for dogs:

  • My dog loved the items.  Absolutely loved them.
  • Based on what I’ve paid for treats and toys, it was a good value.
  • I would never have picked out these types of items myself, but they ended up working out really well.

What I didn’t like about the Barkbox for dogs:

  • There was no description included.  I know Moxie loved the hippie, but what about the hippie makes it so great?  Also, I’d like to know which item is the premium one I paid extra for.
  • The Barkbox renewal happens on the 3rd of the month. Since I got her Barkbox towards the end of the month, my renewal would have been processed before I tested out the box.  I skipped a month to avoid this, but most people would probably not notice that.  (I had this happen with a box before, which is the only reason I checked).

So, would I keep subscribing to Barkbox?

No, not every month.

Moxie still has all the toys I got her when I brought her home.  While she likes to carry them around, she doesn’t get destructive with them, so they last.  Getting new toys every month would just be overkill!  I’m envisioning piles and piles of toys.  I don’t really see any other Barkbox reviews pointing this out, so I don’t think it is overkill if your dog tends to tear up the toys eventually.

I’m still going to try out a few more boxes in a row, just to make sure the consistency stays up.

Barkbox also has an a la carte shop where you can buy products you’ve already tried (or haven’t but just want), or handpick a box you want (with a $6 up-charge for choosing the one you want).

If you do try out Barkbox, be sure to check out for the latest deals.


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  1. Thanks for the heads up Jeanne, I signed and and used your name as a referral so you should get a free month.
    THe Retailmenot coupon didn’t work, so I messaged them with your name instead.

  2. I tried the kit-nip box for the cats. After 5 mo, too many toys & started to repeat. Did have a couple of real
    favorites tho

  3. It would be a total waste for my 3 1/2 pound adult toy poodle. She will not eat dog treats and never plays with toys. Her favorite treats are green beans out of the freezer or part of a mickey d’s hamburger and a few french fries. She is perfectly healthy for a 17 year old dog. Vet tells me to keep doing what I’m doing with her because she is healthier than a lot of small dogs half her age.

    I think the key to her longevity is she loves nice long walks. We walk together 3 miles a day…if I try to skimp on her walk she will not walk back up the driveway. She tries to keep going unless I pick her up and carry her in. She is a rescue that was abused. She was never potty trained until she was 9 years old.

  4. Though there are a lot of dog subscription boxes like Paw pack, loot pets, Surprise my pet etc, Barkbox provides great service. I love the following things about Barkbox.
    • It has free shipping.
    • All the products sent are of good quality and worth the money paid.
    • 10% of the proceeds are donated to rescue organizations; which satisfies your heart.

    I have written a super long post comparing different dog subscription boxes. Do take a look at it.

  5. I get Bark Box for my German Shepherd who believes every toy has to be dissected and pieces thrown all over. What I like about bark box is they send her these spikey balls covered in fabric. She loves them. Love the customer service too.

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