Sorry for the Silence!

The last you hear from me, I announced a contest. And then I didn’t post again.

I have everyone’s entries and will pull a winner later today.

The reason for my silence here and on a lot of the social outlets I usually post on is that we had a major family tragedy.  Our family has been at a loss ever since, and to be frank, has been completely overwhelmed.

I’m finally starting to catch up on my day job and other volunteer obligations, so we’ll be back to regular posting soon.

A special thanks to people who helped with advice about last second-travel.  And to people who sent me tequila.  Both were very useful.  A special thanks to Ed, Anna, Matt, Margo, and Hallie.


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  1. I sent a private message to you, Jeanne…

  2. Oh Jeanne – so sorry to hear this sad news.

  3. Sad to hear of the reason for the quiescence. You have your priorities straight. Those of us who play the points & miles game have so many more options when it comes to last minute emergency travel such as for family tragedies… tiny silver lining in the clouds. I hope those clouds are beginning to lift away.

  4. Thoughts and prayers with you and your family…

  5. aww i’m sorry to hear about the loss (HUGS) (HUGS)

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