San Francisco Bushman Scares Tourist

I was having trouble finding food I can eat and I was in a bad mood.  And then I saw this and it made my night.

And the best one…

I was originally calling him a tree man, but it turns out he is the San Francisco (World Famous) Bushman and he has been doing this since 1980.

We first saw him from the window of a restaurant and then ran down to watch him.

He hides behind a cover of leaves and then jumps out as unsuspecting tourists pass.

From the Wikipedia article, Fisherman’s Wharf shops have tried to get him removed as a public nuisance, but I’ve honestly saw nothing but smiles and laughs from everyone who interacted with him.

He didn’t jump out at the elderly or at small children, or people who looked like they might drop things.

Here is a longer video of him in action:

Apparently, he can make upwards of $60,000 per year.  I laughed so hard I gave him $5 for ~10 minutes of watching.  I saw a bunch of other people do the same.

Not a bad gig at all.

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  1. Years ago – one tourist got so freaked she tried to sue him in court – I think he was fined

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