A Quest to Create a Gluten-Free Guide to the World

IndieGoGo_Cover-3Do you or anyone you know deal with food restrictions? Whether it’s you or your friends, family, or coworkers, get ready for your next trip to be a little easier. Anna Sonnenberg of Gluten-Free Jet Set has just launched a worldwide gluten-free travel guide. Over the next year, she’ll travel extensively to research and write a comprehensive guide to surviving gluten-free in major destinations around the world.

I met Anna a Frequent Traveler University and thought her blog’s approach to travel was pretty unique in the travel world.  While I’m not allergic to gluten, I have a few allergies that have been a pain.  Poor Keri has had to endure me quickly spitting out cheese during a wine/cheese pairing when the restaurant announced the cheese’s secret ingredient.

(Can we all agree that secret ingredients are just bad?)

While this guide is for the over 40 million people who eat gluten-free for a variety of reasons, Anna is writing it from the perspective of a celiac. She knows firsthand how difficult, time consuming, and unhealthy travel can be for gluten-free eaters. She’s determined to change that.

As an avid traveler and points collector, Anna has a tremendous appreciation for the role that miles and points have had in expanding her travel horizons. She has flown around the world and back on points and looks forward to completing a few more circumnavigations throughout 2015. Since the travel process itself can be the most challenging for gluten-free travelers, Anna plans to focus a section of the guide on airline special meals, good train station options, and healthy ways to navigate a lounge buffet.

Anna and the Gluten-Free Jet Set team are crowdfunding this travel guide via IndieGoGo through September. Click through to read more about their destinations, the huge community this guide will benefit, and how you can help fund it (while claiming some pretty amazing perks)!


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