Possibly Worse Than Getting Punched When Bartending

Someone asked me if I’d also write about some crazy stories I’ve had from my bartending days.

I have quite a lot.  And I’m sure I’ll remember more over time.

But one story represents a common theme I experienced in bars a lot.

One place I worked in was a club.  The person who owned the club also owned a jazz bar.  I primarily worked in the jazz bar, but they sometimes stuck me up in the club when things got busy there.

Which I wasn’t too happy with most of the time because I was moving from a mellow crowd sipping martinis and listening to jazz, to a super drunk crowd, hopped up on red bulls & vodka and God only knows what else.

And when people are hopped up and drunk, they get super emotional.

One girl was happily doing birthday shots with her friends and her boyfriend.  Before they took the shot, the boyfriend said something wrong, or looked at her wrong, or something.

She went from ridiculously happy to ridiculously angry in seconds.

So angry, she threw her shot at her boyfriend.

But remember, she’s drunk.

So she totally missed her boyfriend and got me in the eye with straight vodka.

Let me tell you.  Vodka in the eyes burns.  A lot.  Not only does it burn, but it can actually enter your system really quickly and give you a quick buzz.  (Not recommended.  Quick buzz < melting your corneas).

I was in the middle of making a drink when this happened and dropped my glass.  I couldn’t see, so I was afraid to stumble around into the pile of broken glass on the floor.

Luckily, a fellow bartender ran over with a clean bar towel to place over my eyes.  And the bouncer literally picked up the girl and carried her outside.

I can’t even remember if the rest of her group tipped me enough to make up for that.  But I can still feel the burn in my eyes whenever I think about this story.

I’ve been hit with alcohol in the face many other times, but never was hit quite this directly.  I do not recommend.

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