Nintendo to Re-release Original NES (but no cartridge blowing required!)

My childhood is full of video game memories.  Super Mario Brothers, Duck Tales, Kirby’s Adventure, Mappyland…. I could go on.

When we all grew up and went our separate ways, we had to split up our video game systems.  I didn’t end up with the NES.  I got an emulator in college but it just wasn’t the same.

I was just having a conversation this week with someone about how expensive the original NES systems are now.  (Plus, each individual cartridge costs a bunch too).

But NES fans don’t have to rely on emulators anymore.

Nintendo is re-releasing the original NES as a “mini” version.  That is, it’s small enough to fit into your hand.


The console is coming out November 11th 2016, and will include 30 built-in games.


The thing is called the Nintendo Classic Mini (natch) and you name it, it probably already runs it. Currently on board and ready for launch are Super Mario Bros, The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Donkey Kong, Pac-Man and Kirby’s Adventure.

The list of games goes on, and you can also expect Galaga, Bubble Bobble, Punch Out, CastleVania and Super Mega Bros 2 and 3. The console uses USB for power and HDMI to connect to your display. Some current controllers can be used to accompany the one you get in the official package.

Nintendo announced this release via Twitter:

In other Nintendo news, they’ve apparently released a popular game recently.  Looks like they are on a roll!

A huge thanks to Economy Class & Beyond for passing this news onto me.  Thanks for sharing!


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  1. Preordering as soon as they’re available for preorder.

  2. I’ve played NES emulator games with a USB NES controller I ordered from Amazon. It’s pretty close. That said I look forward to the mini when it comes out. I hope you can update it for they can get more games to be work on it.

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