The Newark Lufthansa Senator Lounge

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After surprising my mother with a trip to Paris, we headed off to Newark Airport to head out to Frankfurt–the first leg of our journey.

Within Newark Airport, there’s a SAS lounge that Lufthansa shares for their business class passengers.  Since I am a Star Gold, I was able to take my mother into the Senator Lounge.

The Senator Lounge wasn’t the most impressive one I’ve even been in, but my mother’s reaction reminded me how spoiled I get.  Because the spread of food and beverage is still pretty darn impressive.





The internet was far less impressive.  We were the only two people in the lounge and the internet crawled.  A couple showed up and the internet stopped working with the four of us on it.

My mother trying to get on the internet.
My mother trying to get on the internet.

Interestingly, we ran into that couple again in Europe.  We had one of those “I know you…” moments and it took us a bit of a discussion to remember that we bonded over the failing internet in the Lufthansa lounge.

And again, this is the chair to look for if you want multiple outlets.



But I always love a lounge with bubbly.


The thing I didn’t realize about this lounge is that boarding occurs from the lounge.  I went to leave and got shooed back to my seat.  (The club was filling up at this point but the staff remembered me from when it was empty).

Boarding was ridiculous easy.  They opened the door, and I walked right up through the gate.

The JFK Lufthansa Senator Lounge is much more impressive that this lounge.  But aside from the internet issues, the food and beverages are leagues and bounds above normal domestic lounge offerings.


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  1. Sorry I got confused. Is the SAS lounge the same thing as the Lufthansa Senator lounge in EWR?

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      It is the same as the Business Lounge. They are all in the same place, but you go to the left once you arrive to go to the Senator Lounge.

  2. For what it’s worth – I was in the Senators lounge at JFK yesterday – the internet also crawled. Food wasn’t bad – and indeed the bubbly is always a nice touch.

  3. Have you been to the lounge at IAD? If so, how does it compare?

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      It was much nicer and had gummy bears with self-serve beer on draft. The Newark Lounge felt very… narrow, where as the IAD lounge was more crowded but had plenty of space and working internet.

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