Should You Never Date a Girl Who Travels?

There’s an article making the rounds today pointing out all the reasons you shouldn’t date a girl who travels.

From the article:

Don’t date a girl who travels. She is hard to please. The usual dinner-movie date at the mall will suck the life out of her. Her soul craves for new experiences and adventures. She will be unimpressed with your new car and your expensive watch. She would rather climb a rock or jump out of an airplane than hear you brag about it.

Basically, the sum of the article is that you will bore the heck out of a girl who travels (and even though it isn’t said explicitly, the article is drowning in “she’ll think she’s better than you”).

I’m not surprised some people believe this.  I ran into an ex a few years after a break up and we started having that awkward “how are you doing” conversation.  He asked me if I was still traveling, and then kinda smiled and said, “At a certain point after our break up, I realized it wouldn’t have worked out in a perfect world either because you are a traveler, and well, you don’t stay in one place.”

IMG_1030_thumb.jpgBut to be honest, when I’m traveling extensively I miss things like grocery shopping.  And I tend to embrace the mundane sometimes while traveling.  On a particularly long clip of traveling from place to place, after having lots of great experiences in new cities, I spent my night in San Francisco watching a marathon of the Star Trek movies.

And my husband wooed me with pizza and a showing of North by Northwest.

So personally, I would only be bored at the movie theater if the movie isn’t particularly good.

What are your thoughts on this article and how it depicts women travelers?

My opinion is somewhat clear in this blog post, but I reacted strongly to some points that I’ll hold back on for now.


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  1. Sounds like this person wrote an article on why you shouldn’t date *her*.

  2. While I could’t find the author’s name, by the self serving nature of it, I’m assuming it was written by a women who views herself in this manner. I think we all have had people in our lives, both men and women, who were more like gypsies, especially when they were young. Always having trouble keeping a job and/or relationship and wanting to see or move somewhere else. While this usually changes with time, a few of them just never grow up. But they are the fringe. Most of us who love to travel have good jobs, that we enjoy, but they aren’t necessarily artsy or trendy. We travel beyond our regular allotted vacation time with creative 3 & 4 day weekends or by combining work trips with leisure. We manage to form relationships with a significant other and incorporate them into our travel plans. To me, the author seems to be blaming travel rather than her own personality traits, as the reason for not being able to keep a job and get a partner.

  3. Holding a good job, having solid relationships, and having a family does not prevent one from being a traveler. This “girl who travels” seems to be very self-centered and not someone I would enjoy knowing.

  4. I wouldn’t date a traveler… I would marry the traveler (atleast from this FF perspective).

  5. I am conflicted on this article. On one hand, I completely agree that if two lifestyles aren’t compatible, it will be difficult to make your relationship work. The original author has a huge point that being single may be the best fit for some travelers, especially those who (like her) seem to be nomadic, non-traditionally employed, and/or independent. Good for them and this argument certainly isn’t limited to travelers. I’d also argue that most girls who travel aren’t quite that extreme.

    As someone who unquestionably loves travel, I can vouch that there are still many things I enjoy about “hav[ing] a permanent address” and “working like a robot” (that’s not how I would put it…). Yes, I might be bugging my husband about booking the next flight or saving money for travel by foregoing a night of clubbing, but I am far from bored in my relationship and completely believe that you can balance a desire to travel with a desire to be with the right person.

    Just my two cents.

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      Yeah, that makes sense to me. I think if my ex and I had stayed together, he would have been miserable. He’s very much a family dinner, weekends together type person (and he is really happy right now doing that!)

      My husband is a writer, and when I take off, it gives him the opportunity to hunker down and get a lot of writing done.

  6. The girl *who* travels. Girls are people, people are who, not that.

  7. I wouldn’t mind, if anyone knows any travelling girls in SoCal, let me know. Caio from Rome!

  8. The girl in the article sounds, let’s say…unpleasant.

  9. Gary Arndt of EverythingEverywhere posted this article this morning and I think you can adequately substitute Woman for Man and She for He. It says it better than I can. As a woman who travels (not a girl), and has been married for almost 34 years to a man whose mother was a woman who traveled, I say it is ridiculous!

  10. I happen to like/love the more adventurous type girls.
    They’re always more interesting then the other boring ones.

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