So, Is Khal Drogo Returning to Next Season of Game of Thrones?

Two days ago, I wrote about rumors that Khal Drogo might return to Game of Thrones.  After all, he was hanging out with the show creators.

So, is he returning?

I would ask Jon Snow, but he knows nothing.
I would ask Jon Snow, but he knows nothing.

I wrote about what’s been fueling those rumors:

Jason Momoa (who played Khal Drogo) has been posting some Instragrams that have left people wondering if his character is returning to Game of Thrones.  Fueling the fire (aside from his Khaleesi) is the fact that he’s currently in Ireland–where Game of Thrones is filming.

But let’s apply Occam’s Razor.  Occam’s Razor is the idea that the “simplest explanation is usually the right one.”

So what is the simple explanation in this situation?

Jason Momoa is currently filming Aquaman.  Where is Aquaman filming?


So allow me to posit.  Perhaps, since Jason Momoa was filming in Ireland and Game of Thrones is also filming in Ireland, perhaps, Jason Momoa decided to stop by to say hi to his friends.

Of course, this is a wild speculation.  Totally wild.

Sigh.  A girl can still dream, right?

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  1. yes totally! I want to see him again on GoT as well. Freaking hot!

  2. this idiot blogger didn’t have any better filler to publish on her dumb blog, supposedly a travel blog.

  3. I appreciate that not all blogs are the same… Thanks for giving us some variety!

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