Who Am I? Jeanne Edition!

We’ve been picking up some new readers, so thought it would be a good time to re-introduce ourselves.  Partially, because as we meet people, we realize people don’t know there are two of us!

Given the different story lines going on in the blog, that can make things even more confusing, but Keri and I do travel a lot together and share travel styles.  Here’s Keri’s story!

entertainingI’m a former bartender who still loves entertaining people.  I have always been a deal finder, as far as I can remember.

My mom trained me well.  My first on-my-own deal was a box of Frappuchino ice cream bars that I got for $0.17.

That pretty much got me hooked, and I did the whole gamut–cash back cards, extreme couponing, and deal watching.

Then I went to the Czech Republic for a quasi-internship (I shadowed different international media–which was really cool) and then studied abroad in Moscow.  On my way to Moscow, I was upgraded to Business Class on Air France from Paris.  The flight was oversold, and I had signed up for a frequent flier number, and somehow got booted up without any status whatsoever!

russiaI was hooked!  Not just on travel, but the experience in Business Class, so I wanted more.  I checked out different deals, planned out vacations I could take once I earned enough points, and day dreamed away.

I mostly flew coach (I was a college student!) and searched for unbelievable fares.  I managed to get tickets for around ~$300 to London with a friend for spring break on Virgin Airlines.

For the weeks leading up to the trip, I studied the Upper Class cabin of Virgin.  The colors, the ambiance, the food–I wanted it, but always told myself that’s something I’ll never have.

Later I’d end up deep in the miles and points game and able to book exciting first class trips, but I’ve still never flown Virgin Upper Class and sort of want to because of that college-dream.  (Plus, LOVE the bars in the new first class offering!)

I travel for a work a lot, so that’s how I manage to rack up a lot of EQMs.  I travel out of DC to the Northeast and Arizona/Cali areas a lot, so I fly US Airways.

meandbillI’m also an airplane nerd, and get way too excited about flying in a Dash-8 and enjoy long walks through the Air & Space Museum.  I’m also into vintage-airline gear and own some Pan-Am items 😀

I may have taken my flying obsession too far, but I recently married the son of an airline pilot.

We both love airplanes and vintage movies (and vintage movies about airplanes), and sometimes accidentally wear almost the same exact thing to go out to a winery with Keri (see photo).

We got ourselves a place with a view of the DCA landing pattern (I am not joking!) and when I come in from a flight, he’ll let me know what direction my plane landed from, and the weather related reasons why.  I find it very romantic!

vintage carI love taking trips that involve the spa, good food & wine, and a relaxing time.  I love going to Napa/Sonoma and Vegas, and prefer to jetset down to Florida rather than try to find my way to the local beach.

I’m also in to classic cars, movie quotes, and Doctor Who, so if you are familiar with any of those, you may find references scattered around the blog.

I fell, taking everyone else out with me, seconds later.
I fell, taking everyone else out with me, seconds later.

I am also the clumsier of the two of us.  Keri is very graceful, and I am very grace-not-ful.  I also have a hard time keeping a serious face, which sometimes makes picture taking very difficult.  (I got scolded for laughing during the more serious wedding portraits our photographer was trying to take on our wedding day).

My favorite part of travel is all the friends I’ve made all over the world, who I get to see again because Miles & Points makes it all possible!


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  1. I didn’t know there were two of you blogging here. Are you sisters? If not, how did you meet? Just like you, I also hope to fly Virgin Atlantic upper class someday. Someday.

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