It’s the Little Nerdy Things Today

Today, I was stuck in really, really bad traffic on I-66.  For those whole live in the area, you know I-66’s normal status is hellish.  This was enough for a regular I-66 commuter to call it really bad.

Now, Virginia is an interesting place because it is REALLY cheap to get vanity plates.  So one past time a lot of I-66 commuters have is checking out each each other’s license plates.

I’ve seen things like I66 SUX or HOV LOL.  Today, I saw a license plate that really made me happy.

Without directly giving away someone’s license plate, it basically said MORE PIE!

This made me smile because who doesn’t like pie?!  But then I looked at the rest of his car.

He was driving a Mazda 3.  Except after the 3, he added in metallic numbers: .1415926535.


Now I get it.  More pie.  More pi.


It was so awesome, this little nerdy reference made the rest of my day and relieved all of my commute related stress

So I salute you, anonymous pi dude!  Keep on keeping it on!

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  1. Yup.. grew up in Fairfax County myself… know all about the traffic.. 🙂

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