It’s Official–Han Shot First

Well, technically Han shot.  Period.  Because Greedo didn’t really have a chance to shoot back.

But two different instances this week have solidified what Star Wars fans knew all along.  Questionable morals are part of Han’s roguish charm.

First, a librarian found a copy of a script from 1976 that still had Luke “Starkiller” and Princess “Zara” in it.

According to TribLIVE:

Now, a Canadian librarian who’s located a copy of an early “Star Wars†script claims to have confirmed what even George Lucas has denied: Han was the aggressor in a short battle that ended in the death of a bumpy green alien.

“I’ll tell you one thing, right now,†Kristian Brown told CBC News. “Based on the script, I can tell you 100 percent, Han shot first.â€

George Lucas changed the script (and insists Han shot second all along) presumably to make him seem like less of a “cold-blooded killer”.  But shooting Greedo kinda made sense with Han’s character.  He wasn’t a “paladin” type, always doing what was right.  He’s the rogue who said “I know” to a woman passionately telling him that she loves him.

But I mean, Greedo was going to kill him.  So, I don’t think it makes Han that cold-blooded for killing him, versus Han killing someone who was just annoying him.

But the plot thickens and the situation gets a bit more complicated…

Peter Mayhew, the actor who played Chewbacca (who also got in trouble for having a light saber in the airport) posted his copy of the Star Wars script.

Greedo wasn’t present in the Cantina in the original script.

It turns out Han did shoot first someone dead there, but it was some random dude named Allen.

Shooting someone named “Greedo” seems apropos and forgivable.  But shooting someone named Allen just seems like overkill.

(Get it?  Over…. never mind.)

Han shot first

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