Intra-Europe Business Class on Lufthansa

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Business and First Class for Long-Haul flights tends to be amazing—sometimes magical.

But how does Business and First Class hold up for shorter flights?

Taking a flight in First Class on US Airways for less than two hours is short of magical.  You’ll get a pack of peanuts and free drunks drinks, but not the best seats and nothing even closely resembling a meal.

So I was excited to try a short-trip in Lufthansa Business to see what it’s like there.

From Frankfurt(FRA) to Paris(CDG), the seats in business class were three by three, but were served up Tommy Class style—the middle seats were kept empty.  It was the same way returning from

And there was in-flight advertising.  My flight to Frankfurt from Paris was sponsored by TMobile, and my flight to Paris was sponsored by Disney’s Planes.



The dessert on my way from Paris to Frankfurt was one of the best desserts I’ve ever had on a plane—if not THE best.


The meal was a veal schnitzel with potato salad and a gherkin.

The dessert was a blueberry crumble and it really, really hit the spot.  Seriously.  I keep randomly craving this blueberry crumble.  It wasn’t as sweet as I expected and tasted really fresh.

This meal that I got on my extremely brief flight was leaps and bounds above what I get on US Airways from Philly to San Francisco, or even Phoenix to Honolulu.  And I would potentially order this in a restaurant given the chance.


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  1. Oh, I loved my Business Class trip from Frankfurt to Heathrow this summer. I was fed and pampered. What a treat! I’ll have to look through my photos to see what I ate, but I do remember it was all yummy.

  2. My intra-Europe business class travel has been limited to British Airways. I am disappointed to find that Lufthansa also has the same basic approach of good service, but you only get a coach type seat with no one in the middle seat.

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