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June, 2012

  • 19 June

    4-Pack of Travel Sized Toothpaste for $0.19 at CVS!

    I just scored a four-pack of travel-sized Colgate Toothpaste for $0.19!  That’s less than 5 cents each. I am about to take a trip and was running low on toothpaste anyway, so I made a toothpaste run to CVS.  I noticed that a few of the Colgate toothpastes offered $3 …

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  • 12 June

    Making the Most of US Airways Trial Preferred

    How do you make the most out of US Airways Trial Preferred Status? A few months ago, I posted about my own adventures with a US Airways Preferred Trial.  However, the decisions I made were the result of me going for platinum last second after a lot of work-related flying.  …

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  • 9 June

    Help out the Mr. Miyagi of Travel!

    Randy Peterson is the uber guru of all things travel, but he uses his powers for good.  He earns many miles and uses them to help out others rather than himself.  He also helps those in the travel community remember to give to others.  One huge cause of his is …

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  • 8 June

    Win Big in Vegas with Top Guest and Mlife

    Keri posted about the bonuses Top Guest can bring you with airport and hotel check-ins.  During my last visit to Las Vegas, I found another good use for Top Guest. I always forget to check into places for Top Guest benefits and Keri keeps (thankfully) reminding me.  I was booked …

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  • 5 June

    When Flights Become Frights!

    At the request of some people at the MegaDO launch party, I’m posting a story I told when we were all talking about our weirdest travel experiences.  Feel free to post your own in the comments! When I was sixteen, I was in Buffalo for a sporting event I was …

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  • 4 June

    Tumi Sale at Amazon.com

    Just a quick note to let you know Tumi is having an end of season sale over on Amazon. Tumi makes Keri’s favorite carry-on and travel wallet. These items are normally pricey, and with their sale prices of up to 40% off, still are really pricey–but if you were already looking to …

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May, 2012

  • 31 May

    Use Care in Selecting Travel Bottles!

    I’ve been in love with the idea of GoToobs ever since I saw them in a Container Store, but not in love with the price.  GoToobs are completely flexible travel bottles that are leak-proof and have a dial you can set to label what is inside each tube.  They  seem …

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  • 30 May

    An Improvement in Upgrades for US Airways!

    I’m often suspicious when I receive emails from airlines about “improvements” to their elite programs.  US Airways seemed to actually come through this time: US Airways will be checking whether or not you qualify for an upgrade more frequently throughout the day. This is good news for elites, especially Golds, …

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  • 30 May

    No Upgrades for You!

    Keri and I have been getting ready for our turn around mileage run to HNL (Honolulu, Hawaii).  That’s over twenty hours in a plane with just a mai tai in the middle! I’ve been watching the tickets like crazy, waiting for upgrades to be available.  The leg to HNL is …

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  • 29 May

    Anna Chapman’s Stylish Purse & Espoinage History

    Spy Anna Chapman knew how to travel in style. Why commit espionage carrying a boring leather briefcase when you could carry a $2,300 Chanel purse?  With a communication device sewn into its lining and classic Chanel chain straps, this purse can tie any outfit or spy operation together. Perhaps the …

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