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July, 2012

  • 11 July

    Try Out Travel Sized Products with Birchbox

    Birchbox is a great way to try out new products and collect travel sized items to bring with you on the road.  For a $10/month subscription fee, you receive a box of samples (and sometimes snacks) worth more than the $10 subscription fee.  I get pretty excited when my Birchbox …

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  • 8 July

    US Airways Plane Gets Stuck in the Ground

    A US Airways Plane got stuck in the ground Friday during a record-breaking heat wave in Arlington, Virginia. This has been a crazy weather month so far.  The derecho storm left Keri with no power for days.  And while we are used to high-temperatures in Arlington, we rarely have heat …

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  • 8 July

    The Hilton Garden Inn Stresses Cleanliness Too

    After my, well, interesting post-it note from the Hampton Inn, I received a friendly note from the Hilton Garden Inn: Again, I was glad to see this. With mid-range hotels, it is hard to tell how clean you should assume they are.  The wet carpet of the Days Inn I …

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  • 7 July

    30 Days for DC on US Airways

    Today kicks off the first day of US Airways’ promotion, 30 Days for DC.  In their words, “30 days for DC is a month of surprises, community events and giveaways to celebrate our commitment to the Capital City. But it doesn’t stop there!” This appears to be a celebration for …

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June, 2012

  • 29 June

    GoGear Travel Tubes: Has My Quest for Travel Bottles Come to an End?!

    When we last left my travel bottles adventures, I was stuck between a set of really expensive bottles and a set that couldn’t even make it out of the store without opening.  I am really drawn to the silicon bottles because they seem really easy to use.  Recently, I was …

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  • 28 June

    Doubletree Pre-Check-In Offers

    On a recent trip to Chicago, I had a choice between the equally rated Hilton or Doubletree O’Hare for the same price.  Keri was tagging along, so I thought I’d try something new–and at the very least it would be a blog post.  Boy was I right. I ended up …

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  • 27 June

    Orbitz Gets Backlash for Harmless Personalization

    View from the Wing gives a good explanation as to why it is okay that Orbitz is showing different hotel properties to Mac users vs. PC. If you follow me on twitter, then you saw me getting my feathers all ruffled by the backlash against Orbitz: Basically, the story here …

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  • 26 June

    Even the Dead Don’t Get Respect from TSA

    In another act of brilliance, TSA agents spilled the cremated remains of of a man’s grandfather onto the floor of the screening area. John Gross took the remains of his grandfather through security in a container clearly labeled human remains.  This is allowed by TSA.  Despite Gross’ request for the …

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  • 23 June

    Fitness While on the Road: An Update on Exercise

    I promised you an update on using work out equipment on the road, and I think I’ve “experimented” with it enough at this point. First off, do not plan on using a jump rope to work out if you never jump roped before.   Trust me.  The results can be disastrous. …

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  • 21 June

    The Hampton Inn Assures Me My Bedding Is Clean

    In a first ever for me, I arrived at a Hampton Inn Room to find a post-it note reassuring me that my bedding was clean: At first I thought it was silly.  But the more I thought about it, the more I was glad they put the post-it note there.  …

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