A Good In-Flight Celebrity Story for Once: Tim Tebow Helps Passengers During Emergency

There’s so many stories of misbehaving celebrities in flight, entitlement, and, well, mixing things you shouldn’t mix in flight.

But we rarely hear about the good stories of celebrities in flight.  Recently, I was on a flight with Emmitt Smith and he was such a nice guy, I didn’t realize it was him.  I gathered from conversation that he had been a professional football player, but since he was so nice and friendly, I figured he wasn’t a big player.

I learned who he was when I tried to stand by for the flight before my return.  It turns out he was on that flight and got paged while I was there.  Oops.  But Emmitt Smith is a really nice guy.

Another football player just got in-air brownie points.  When an emergency happened on a Delta flight, Tim Tebow jumped into action.

Tim Tebow Football

According to CBS:

The most recent installment comes from a Delta flight in which a passenger suffered a medical emergency while travelling from Atlanta to Phoenix. According to a Facebook post by Richard V. Gotti, passengers and crew members alike tended to the man until the plane landed.

One of the passengers who offered aid was none other than Tebow himself.

Here are some of the social media accounts of people on the flight.

He apparently offered comfort, prayed for the family, and helped them with their luggage afterwards.  Whether or not you personally believe in the power of prayer, this is a really nice gesture–especially from a celebrity.

I like hearing these types of stories when most of the press is filled with “you won’t believe who said what in flight!”  This is the kind of goodwilled gossip I can get behind!

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