Go Home, Hydra & Nix, You’re Drunk

As a member of Team Pluto, I’m eagerly awaiting the completion of NASA’s mission to Mars.  Many believe that this could be deterministic in whether or not Pluto is restored as a planet.

(There are some memes out there declaring that Pluto was given planetary status again–it is being discussed but hasn’t be granted to Pluto).

In keeping up with my Pluto news, I came across an interesting article about the moons of Pluto.

While many moons orbit planets in a graceful manner…

moon rotation

Pluto’s Nix and Hydra stumble around the planet in a seemingly random pattern.

While Nix and Hydra resemble me after one-too-many tequila shots, scientists say they aren’t actually in danger of colliding with each other–unlike me and that bar stool the other night.

If Pluto is restored as a planet, it will undo the second of my two childhood heartbreaks.

Just this past April, the brontosaurus was reinstated as a dinosaur.  Huzzah!

pluto planet

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