If Game of Thrones Were Filmed in the 90s

The intros on 90s television shows fit a specific formula.

They featured every character in three different shots:

  • A serious shot.
  • An action shot.
  • A smiling shot.

Sorta like this.

buffy smiling - Copy

buffy action - Copy

buffy serious - Copy

Thanks, Buffy!

The 90s TV show themes were also VERY long.

You know what else is long?  The intro to the Game of Thrones.


And someone decided to combine the two.  Here is Game of Thrones, 90s style.

Brilliant.  They get the audio down and the style.

But what would they do after the SPOILER and the SPOILER makes the SPOILER irrelevant?

Either way, I’m glad that SPOILER resulted in SPOILER but I was really sad that SPOILER happened in season 1.

But I really feel like the show has paid off, though I’m really surprised that they let SPOILER have his/her way by SPOILERING the SPOILER in the SPOILER season.

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