Even More Changes for American and US Airways Released Today

US Airways and American Airlines suddenly announced changes to their award charts today.  Here’s a post explaining the changes to US Airways.  And here’s a post explaining the changes to American Airlines.

However, more changes were released:

TL/DR:  (For Keri:  too long, didn’t read 😉 )

  • Golds and Platinums lose one free checked bag out of their total free checked bags.  You gain a free checked bag on travel to South America on US Airways.
  • DM members can book last seat availability awards now.
  • Some AAnytime award travel redemptions will be less (but some will be much more).
  • Business international travelers get Bose noise cancelling headphones.

Highlights from a US Airways press release that was emailed (so I can’t link directly to it):

1. Effective today for travel starting June 1, Dividend Miles members now will be able to book last seat availability awards for flights year-round without any blackout dates.

2. For AAdvantage members, AAnytime award travel will now be available more for than half of  the year at an even lower redemption level. Previous redemption rates called for 25,000  miles one way, and the new redemptions will start at 20,000 miles one way. Redemption mileage during the remainder of the year will begin at 30,000 miles one way for last seat
availability. The exceptions will fall on the busiest travel days of the year. On those days, American will offer a higher award redemption option, which will be available starting at 50,000 miles one way.

3.  American has also updated its checked bag policies. For flights operated by American, these changes take place for tickets issued starting today. For flights operated by US Airways, these changes take place for tickets issued starting April 23. The changes include removing the second bag charge on flights to and from South America. Also, AAdvantage Gold members and Dividend Miles Platinum and Gold members will receive one fewer free checked bag than they do today. Customers traveling on an AAnytime award or a full-fare economy ticket (on legacy American) will no longer receive free checked bags. Lastly, Citi cardholders will continue to receive one free checked bag, and starting April 30, that same benefit will also apply to customers who have the US Airways MasterCard®with an annual fee of at least $79.

4. Customers in international Business Class on flights operated by US Airways will be able to tune out or tune in to new entertainment options with new Bose® Quiet Comfort® 15 Acoustic Noise Cancelling headphones. Another feature  includes Business Class on Boeing 757 and 767 aircraft which will now offer 60 movies  and a greater variety of television programs, as well as audio selections on the new  Samsung Galaxy Tab. Business Class on Airbus A330 aircraft now offers double the  previous entertainment options, with more than 250 movies and 350 audio choices.

Note:  When I added in the TL/DR, I initially accidentally deleted a sentence that made the post make MUCH MORE SENSE.  I added that back in.  Sorry about that.


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  1. Scared me with the “lose a free checked bag”. I never check more than one so I thought you were saying lose THE free checked bag. Might want to edit wording to clarify.

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