Earn Close to a Free Ticket by Playing with Jet Blue’s Badges

JetBlue has always been the more tech savvy of the airlines–at least in perception.  Their new badge system has a start up feel to it, and is actually pretty cool!  (Caveat, I’m a fan of earning badges in friendly competition on websites.  Well, except for certain badges.)

SlickDeals offers an easy way to earn 4,000 True Blue points on JetBlue through its badge program, which is only 1,000 away from a free award trip.

As for the badge program itself, I’m intrigued.

It will keep track of your travels on a map you can share with friends.


And as you fly, it keeps track of your stats:


You can see I’ve flown a lot with JetBlue lately.


I’m also a paltry level 1.  Sigh.  I hate being in last place.

But I just earned myself one badge:



It’s a start at least?

I don’t fly JetBlue.  It’s never been convenient for me and it’s never been the cheapest option.  But I’m right by DCA, so it makes sense that I wouldn’t fly it.

I’ve flown it from White Plains before to Florida and really enjoyed my flight.  And my sister is flying them to meet me in Florida soon.  I think they are a great airline and think my lack of relationship with them has been merely circumstantial.  Maybe in another life, JetBlue 😉

Hey, US Airways!  I want badges for all my travel!

Did you check out JetBlue’s badges?  What do you think?  How many miles did it say you’ve flown?

Hat-tip to Reader Matt C.


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  1. Out of Syracuse JetBlue tends the be the convenient and cheap option.

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