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Help Someone Complete His Bucket List

While working on a show, I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Emma Earnest. She has had a complicated background–her only parent was in a motorcycle accident twelve years ago and her grandparents took custody of her and her two brothers. When her grandparents did this, they put all ...

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Seconds from Pulling a Plane

I’m here at Delta, seconds from pulling this plane. Other teams have really gotten into this.   But what we lack in t-shirts, we make up for in heart. Though I did wear my Sharknado shirt. You can find our team fundraising page here. Pizza in Motion was matching donations ...

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I’m Pulling a Plane Tomorrow for Charity

Pizza in Motion asked me to be on his team and pull an airplane tomorrow.  Yes, a literal airplane. Read his post for more context. But in this case, I don’t think he’d mind me copying and pasting some of it, since it’s for charity. The donations to the American ...

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Hello, World!

Well, it looks like the blog has launched, so hello everyone! The official launch is going to be Thursday, so please keep an eye out for giveaways and other things. (Me on the left) If you’d like to keep apprised of things on the blog: Subscribe Follow @Le_ChicGeek Follow @Jeanne23 Subscribe ...

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Great, Easy Read on the Go

One of my favorite blogs, My Not So Humble Opinion, or [MNSHO] for short, hasn’t been posting for a while. It turns out this is because the author was working on a book. It has nothing to do with travel, but it is light-hearted, funny and, at times, has great ...

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Re-Introducing Tiff!

You may have noticed that Tiff has been posting much more often than she has in the past.  We’ve “promoted” her from guest blogger to Contributing Writer. I figured it was worth introducing her again.  After all, her kids are older than when we last did that!  Tiff is a ...

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