You Can Now Back Sharknado: the Board Game

One of the newest products to Kickstarter is Sharknado: the Board Game.

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The first thing that stands out to me is a list of quotes from reviewers on the Kickstarter page.

True to Sharknado style, they included the review of someone who simply wrote, “Why?”

I’m excited though, because if you’ve followed me on Twitter at all, you might know that I’m obsessed.


From the description of the game:

It’s a Sharknado, and it’s heading right for your fair coastal city!

Sharknadoâ„¢: The Board Game! is a cooperative game in which you and up to three other friends take on the role of brave citizens protecting your city from the ultimate weather phenomenon. Choose a scenario and strategize with your team to win the day. Your goal may be to destroy the Sharknado, hunt down a deadly Boss Shark, or simply survive as long as you can. Scavenge the city for weapons and equipment to help you fight off swarms of teeth and fins as you struggle to stay alive!

You know what you have to do. But will you be the next Fin Shepard, or just another victim of the most bizarre catastrophe the world has ever seen? Survive and become a legend, or end up as the contents of a shark’s stomach!

sharknado board game

The only issue I see with this Kickstarter is the price.  It is $54 to back it, which isn’t unusual for a complicated board game.  However, there are no “smaller” tiers other than a $1 one.  The only larger tier is a 10-pack.  I think this will cause the game to struggle to get funded (but I could be wrong).

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  1. Don’t hate me, but I’m with the reviewer who asked “Why?”

    I agree with you, I think limiting their donation options will hurt their cause, but stranger things have happened.

    • Hi Jeanne,

      Thanks for sharing! I’m one of the two guys responsible for this 🙂

      One of the things that has a habit of delaying games is veering off the path and offering several other non-game items as rewards. To make sure we can deliver inside our estimate, we’re being sure not to overstep our bounds and to keep focused on making a great game.

      That’s not to say you might not be able to pick up some other items at a lower level though. We’re talking with our manufacturer and a couple other companies to see what sorts of game upgrades we can deliver in stretch goals and we’ll likely make some of that available to pledge for, even without backing for the full game 🙂

      As for the price, we’re going to continue adding content to the game throughout the campaign (at no added cost) with the help of our backers’ input and support even before we fully fund. All that for less than MSRP and free shipping to the US.

      Stay tuned and let us know if you have any questions!

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