Another Reason to Get Collision Coverage When Renting

I just wrote about Expedia’s new $0 deductible cheap collision rental car coverage.

And watching an episode of Mythbusters reminded me of why it was so important.

This wasn’t the overall point of the episode–but during it, when parking, a lot of their subjects tapped the car next to them and felt like they did an okay parking job.

This worried me.  Enough to look up the stats behind this.

Turns out 30% of drivers think it is okay to give the car behind you a love tap when parking.

The same article estimates love-tap damage can be ~$400.  For a rental car company obsessed with finding damage, that $400 plus the loss of use fee could really add up.

My car accident had really minor cosmetic damage to my rental car, but I ended up being billed in the thousands.

Luckily, I had used my Chase Sapphire for that and it was all covered (in a really easy process).

MapHappy answered a reader’s question on whether or not they needed this type of coverage.  It’s a quick read, but is really helpful.

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