Angela Lansbury to Join the Cast of Game of Thrones

Angela Lansbury’s character, Jessica Fletcher, has something in common with George R.R. Martin.  Murder she wrote.  Murder he wrote.  Though, Martin’s murders are perhaps a bit more gruesome.

But I just heard the greatest news today.  Angela Lansbury is in talks to join the cast of Game of Thrones.

kings landing

From CNet:

Now Lansbury is in talks to make a guest appearance in two episodes of the next season of “Game of Thrones,” according to German news website Bild.

Since the next season will run seven episodes instead of 10, appearing in two episodes could mean a weighty role for Lansbury. Here’s hoping she dons armor and gets some time on the battlefield. Anything is possible in the popular HBO series.

Since we’ve now gone past the books, I have no idea what her role could be.  A long-lost Tyrell cousin? A relative of the Lannisters?

But the next season isn’t airing for almost a year, so we won’t get to see her in whatever role she takes on until then (unless some leaks happen beforehand, intentional or unintentional).

Jessica Fletcher is from Cabot Cove, a town with a murder rate that rivals Caracas by almost 8x.  While the murder rate in Game of Thrones is pretty high, we are only viewing what happens to the royals/houses.

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