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Sometimes Travel is Just Plain Surreal

I had a 5am departure this morning out of Dallas, so I woke up a little bit before 3am to make sure I made it to the airport on time.

By the way, I’m a huge fan of sketch comedy and a huge fan of Kids in the Hall and other shows that embrace absurdist humor.

So anyway, I go through PreCheck and as I’m grabbing my bag, I turn around and see a cowboy, in full cowboy regalia, go through the metal detector and set it off.

He looked surprised and when the TSA agent walked over, she seemed a bit overwhelmed.  “Is it my hat?” he asked.

She instructed him to take his watch off.  And he started to go through.  But she stopped him and suggested he might want to take his belt buckle off.   Then stopped him and suggested he remove his hat.  And then his boots.

But one at a time, so it sort of played out like this video:

I’m not making fun of him for not knowing what to take through security.  But I did get a laugh at the agent only telling him one item at a time, studying him, stopping him from going through, and adding items to her list.

I once set off the scanner when I was in a sundress with a metal zipper.  It had no pockets or anything.

I got a “ma’am, you need to empty your pockets.”  When I pointed out that I had no pockets at all, the agent froze for a bit, not sure what to tell me to do next.  Eventually, we both burst out laughing at the silence.

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