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The Creepiest TSA Agent Ever?

The band, Paul and Storm, shares this creepy encounter with a TSA representative at an airport.

I’m all for technology, but this triggered that uneasy-something-is-wrong-here part of my stomach.

What do you think.  Cool technology for the TSA to invest in, or something that just makes the overall process more creepy?

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  1. I saw that technology deployed at a trade show last year. Was stupid then, and is still stupid now.

  2. Friendly greeter at San Antonio airport TSA Precheck line. Feels like a scene from the original “Total Recall” movie.

  3. Rise of the machines… 😉 No, but seriously, who cares? In fact, if it’s one less unprofessional TSA agent with whom I have to deal with, and all it’s doing is delivering rote information, I say, why not?

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