Woman Gives Birth on Spirit Flight–Earns Free Flights

A woman gave birth on a Spirit Airlines flight last week destined for Dallas-Fort Worth.  The flight, which departed from Fort Lauderdale, did not make it to DFW.  Instead, the flight made an emergency landing in New Orleans after a woman gave birth to a baby in the cabin.

a yellow airplane on a runway

According to the LA Times, the woman had (luckily!) booked one of the big front seats.  There were medical personnel on board.  Spirit gave the family free flights on the baby’s birthday (through his 21st birthday).

The baby was a healthy seven pounds.  This makes me wonder how far along the pregnant woman was!  The free flights were surprising, given Spirits reputation.  But it ties in well with Spirit’s efforts to soften its brand image.

Since Spirit’s kinder image goes along with its typical fares, it makes flying Spirit Airlines even more tempting.  Especially if you follow this guide to navigating Spirit Airlines’ fees.

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  1. This happened on Spirit and they didn’t charge her for the infant-in-arms? It *is* softening its image!

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