Woman Gives Birth in Flight; Gets Up and Goes Back to Seat with Baby

A woman went into labor on a flight, two months earlier than expected on a Cebu Pacific Air flight to the Philippines.

baby yawn

A woman witnessed part of the situation.  She was seated near the woman in labor.

She basically said that the woman was moved to the front of the plane, immediately gave birth, and then went back to her seat.

Here’s a photo of the mother with her baby and the passenger’s account:

From the story that the fellow passenger tells, I’m getting the impression that the new mother is a bad ass. She basically followed two nurses up to the front of the plane, immediately gave birth, and went back to her seat.  Like it’s NBD.

According to UPI, other passengers donated some of their clothing to the newborn.  While the baby appeared to be healthy, the plane made an emergency landing in India, just to make sure–especially since the baby was born two months early.

There are stories reporting that the baby is going to get free lifetime travel, which I’m suspicious of.  The only original source I’ve seen for that is the Facebook post above, which leads me to believe this information is based on assumption/an old wives tale or a misunderstanding of an announcement (maybe they were announcing that the baby gets this flight for free).

Snopes backs me up here (though, not about this specific case).  I think that would be a dangerous policy for airlines to have.  The airlines don’t want women flying close to their due date due to safety reasons and preventing situations like this emergency landing.

If babies automatically get what they were born in for free, I’d have unlimited free snow storms for life.

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