Woman Flying to Rochester Ends Up in Barbados

A woman was flying to Rochester through JFK from Oakland, but instead ended up on a direct flight to Barbados from Oakland–with no passport or boarding pass.

From Road Warrior Voices:

 Hussainzada had been visiting her daughter in Oakland, Calif. and was scheduled to fly home to Rochester after a brief layover at JFK. But instead, she ended up flying nonstop from Oakland to the Caribbean’s most Rihanna-tastic island, without a boarding pass, a passport or any idea where she was.

She didn’t speak English and was relying on staff to get her where she needed to go.

Her luggage made it to the right place.

This is fairly more common than you’d think.

A drunk man found himself on the wrong flight with no boarding pass:

The man left behind his handbag, which also contained his boarding pass and for some reason, he proceeded to board the flight to Rajkot.

It was after the flight landed and the passenger disembarked and found himself in Rajkot instead of Nagpur that the airline realized what had happened. Meanwhile, the Mumbai-Nagpur flight that he was supposed to board departed, but not before discovering that one passenger who had checked in had not reported for boarding.

A two-year old also boarded a flight solo to Egypt instead of Tunisia.


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