Woman Causes 7 Hour Flight Delay After Deciding She Needs a Divorce RIGHT NOW

I guess divorce is like love.  When you know, you know.

divorce breakup break up

A woman decided she knew when she was already aboard an aircraft.  She was flying from Moscow to Vladivostok and decided during takeoff that she needed to get off the plane and divorce her husband.

There’s no insight into what caused her sudden revelation, but whatever brought on her desire to get divorced also made her desperate to get off the plane now and get it taken care of that second.

According to the Mirror:

Reports suggest the unnamed woman in her 40s boarded the aircraft with several hundred passengers flying from Moscow to Vladivostok, Russia.

Shortly after, she apparently told cabin crew that she needed to get off the plane to change her relationship status.

The Rossiya Airline flight was almost ready for take off when the incident took place on Monday.

According to witnesses, the woman was heard saying: “I am not in the mood to fly now.”

Flight attendants pleaded with her, but she continued demanding to get off the plane.  When they turned back to let her off, they also had to disembark the other some 500 passengers (according to the report).

According to Flight Aware, they use a 777 for that route, which would be about four hundred people–which is still a lot of people to deplane.

I wonder if she’s managed to file her divorce yet.

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  1. They also fly it with a 747, which is shown in the video as well. No idea what that makes the seatcount, but conceivably over 500.

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