The Woman Behind the Voice that Warns You that the Moving Sidewalk is Ending (and other airport announcements)

Whenever I take the moving sidewalk in an airport, there’s always a kind woman reminding me that the moving walkway is ending.

moving walkway

This same woman reminds me not to park in the loading and unloading zone.  And welcomes me to the airport.

But who is she?

Well, not this woman.

(warning, adult language at the very end)

But there is an actual woman behind this polite voice.

Her name is Carolyn Hopkins and she lives in Maine.  Yes, she isn’t a computer generated voice!

Her voice is in over 200 airports.

But how did she get her start?

From Wikipedia:

When co-founder Hardy Martin and three other partners started IED (short for Innovative Electronic Designs), they chose Hopkins as one of their first voices. It was for the Typhoon Lagoon attraction at Disney World in Florida in 1989. [3]

Hopkins records all the public address announcements from her home studio in Hamden, Maine and sends them via email.[1][4][5]

She made the voice recordings for the new World Trade Center in New York City. “I was so thrilled to do those,” Hopkins said, “because it made me feel like things were becoming whole again. To read out those locations, that station, ‘World Trade Center’, made such a difference to me.â€[2]

Hopkins was named one of the 500 most important people in history, according to Mental Floss Magazine in December 2015.

One of the 500 most important people in history!  That’s incredible.

You can see her live on this clip from ABC.

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