Why Booking Tickets for Your Employees Through Online Travel Agencies is a Good Idea

I passed this link along to View from the Wing because I knew he’d have much better commentary on it than I would.  And sure enough, he did.

Here’s the complaint:

It all started on Monday with a call from one of my employees, sobbing over the telephone telling me that she had been denied boarding on her flight from Denver back to Uganda. Thank you Delta, for indirectly contributing to one the core goals in our employee development initiatives. We all know that trials produce perseverance and character, but I never expected my airline to share the burden of teaching these unpleasant lessons. You really didn’t have to. But thanks to you, she’s one step closer to earning her stripes.

This sounds like a tragic tale, but could it have been prevented? Gary dissects the issue on his blog, check it out!


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