Waiter Volunteers to Feed Baby So Frazzled Mom Can Eat

Poor service is highlighted in the news so much more than good service.   But these types of stories make me so happy.

A mother had a rough day.  She was at the hospital with her baby getting tests done.  Afterwards, she decided to grab some food at Olive Garden.  When trying to feed her baby, she accidentally spilled the bottle and had to go through the process of making a bottle all over again.

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The waiter noticed what she was going through.  Her food had arrived already so he decided to give her a chance to eat and offered to feed the baby.

I forgot to post this Thursday after all that had happened that day I was really out of it (and probably the lack of…

Posted by Dallas French on Sunday, July 24, 2016

The mom didn’t know the waiter’s name, but some commentators on Facebook were able to identify the waiter.

WUSA9 had the scoop on the waiter’s perspective:

As for Robert, he tries to treat everyone like family and says he could tell they needed a hand.

“I’d seen the milk on the floor and I just told them it was okay,†Davis said.

He says acts like this need to be common and not such a shock to society.

I hope Olive Garden recognizes the waiter.  Not only because of his above and beyond service, but also for all the free positive publicity he just got Olive Garden!

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