US Airways Reminded Me of My Departure Time

In an absolute first for me, I got a reminder of my departure time 4 hours ahead in addition to my check-in reminder

Usually, if I get a follow-up email to my check-in reminder, it means my flight is about to be delayed.  But this reminder let me know that everything is smooth sailing:

Departure ReminderIt’s nice to be reminded of my flight times.  With how much travel I do, sometimes I don’t remember what time I’m leaving–just when I scheduled myself to leave the office and trust me from 3 months ago to tell me what to do.

I believe this is all part of the changes to their “Be Notified” program.

In addition to getting flight status whether or not your flight is delayed, you can add family members and friends to your flight alerts, in case you have someone picking you up in the airport.

Instead of refreshing the flight status like crazy, they’ll get the same alerts you do.

I wish I added myself and my dad to a reservation my brother and husband had recently!  We left for the airport to get them an hour ahead since traffic to JFK can be brutal.  On the way to the airport, the flight got listed as delayed and didn’t land until an hour after the scheduled time.  We would have found out about the delay almost immediately and turned back for a few zzzs, or at least another cup of coffee.

Would getting an email from an airline a few hours before your flight letting you know it’s on-time be useful, or just an extra email in your inbox?


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