US Airways Apparently Doesn’t Let You Book Infant Seats

A friend of mine was booking a trip today and noticed she literally could not book a ticket for an infant on the US Airways website.

When she first went to the site, the option wasn’t there.

No Infant Option

But when you poke around, you can eventually find another booking screen that will let you add in an infant.  She wanted to book a seat for the infant, rather than have a lap child.

Infant policy


Here’s where it got a little weird.

She put her child in as a infant in seat and went through the entire payment process.  The website threw an error and told her that her child was under the age of 2 and she should read the infant policy.

The first time this happened, she read the infant policy and didn’t see anything she was violating.  She selected 1 infant in seat and put in her proper birthday/age.  But the website kept throwing the error every time she went back to enter it.

The website was basically creating an endless loop of letting you select that an infant child is flying, but then throwing an error alerting you that your child is an infant.

There must be something wrong in the logic processing on the website.

Either way, this person in particular ended up getting frustrated and paid a little extra to book on JetBlue.

Anyone else run into issues booking infant tickets?

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  1. I had the exact same issue booking award tickets for my family, the (then) Chairman’s desk after the technical support line was unable to interpret the error message I had been provided on the website.

    The next day I was able to complete the transaction through without trouble, if doing it again now that the account merger is complete I’d book via the AA side as they permit better routing and so far have been giving me identical mileage options for the routes we’re planning this summer.

    Related, my original itinerary was a static round trip and we desired an open jaw, I phoned in for the change and was told there is a $900 change fee (150 for each) or I could redeposit my miles but not guarantee that I’d get my outbound seats again on rebooking since the flight’s FC cabin was otherwise now full. I called back a few hours later and found someone that agreed that the fee was not necessarily and booked us on a beautiful itinerary that takes advantage of the new seasonal CLT-ABQ flight as well.

  2. If it’s a domestic flight you don’t need to do anything, tickets can be issued on the day at the counter. An interesting quirk is that US Airways doesn’t charge infant taxes but American does, again only on domestic flights so the difference there is less than $6 each way. We have flown many times with our infant and we simply call and add her to the ticket for international flights once w shave completed ours online. It’s never been a problem.

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      In this case, the parent wanted to get her child her own seat. The normal child option for seats is 2+ only, but the infant + seat option wasn’t working. But that is really good to know for the lap infant!

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