TSA Blames United for Comic Book Ban During Comic-Con

Attendees to Comic-Con found they were not allowed to check their comic books in their baggage after Comic-Con this year.  United blamed TSA, though I noted it was strange that only United passengers were tweeting about this problem.

TSA has finally commented on the issue to say, “it wasn’t us.”

The fine folks at Consumerist–who have better press credentials and aren’t currently on a rocky beach in Monaco–followed up with the TSA to ask, what the hey?!

According to the Consumerist (though read the entire juicy article):

There is “no restriction on anything related to putting comics or any type of books” in baggage, and TSA never put out any guidance to that effect, she said.

“In fact, they are allowed in both checked and carry-on baggage,” the spokeswoman told Consumerist, adding that there were no delays in the processing of checked bags out of San Diego yesterday.

The TSA is contacting United (and other airlines) to clarify the never-changed policy.

Boy, does my brain hurt.

I’ve reached out to United for clarification/explanation and will update if I hear anything.

Consumerist has reached out to United as well.  (And a huge shout out for all the leg work Consumerist has been doing in tracking this down today).

At this moment, I haven’t seen them responding to anyone on Twitter re: TSA’s news either.

Note:  While TSA didn’t overtly blame United (just to clarify), their statement leaves United to blame for the comic book ban issue.

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  1. However TSA posted this regarding this event:

    “We’re always testing procedures to help stay ahead of our adversaries. We were testing the removal of books at two airport locations and the testing ran its course. We’re no longer testing and have no intentions of instituting those procedures.”


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